CDL Driver Resume Objective Samples

Updated on: May 12, 2019

The trend of starting resumes with an objective statement is rapidly fading away.

However, career objectives are still necessary in certain cases, for instance, if the candidate lacks experience or changing career path.


Whatever may be the case, if you need to come up with a career objective, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before attempting to build an objective for your resume.

An objective statement should always be focused on the needs of the prospective employer. The hiring managers know what exactly are the potential and expertise you would bring to them.

Another point worthy of attention when it comes to career goals is shortness of statement.

Make the statement as brief as possible.


A crisp but really short and highly employer focused objective is best capable of engaging the employer’s interest.



Sample Objectives for CDL Driver Resume


The simplest way to build a winning objective is to be straight forward, employer-focused and very concise.

Write one or two line statements simply mentioning the position you are seeking along with an interest in utilizing your skills in favor of the target organization.


To attain the position as a CDL Driver at Phoenix Logistic solutions. Offering expertise in driving heavy vehicles, operating attached machinery and conducting precautionary maintenance of the assigned heavy traffic vehicle.


Seeking a position as CDL driver utilizing expertise in commercial vehicles driving and skills in machinery operation. Able to load and unload merchandise carefully.


You can modify your existing career goal to add up the experience you have had as a CDL driver. For example:


Eager to work as a CDL driver for ABC Logistics. Bringing three years of experience in the driving field with a safe driving record. Well versed in driving heavily loaded vehicles especially trucks to scheduled locations. Adept at operating heavy construction machinery attached with assigned vehicles.


Seeking the position of CDL driver at Salmon Companies utilizing 7+ years’ experience in similar capacity. Proficient in driving, loading and unloading heavy vehicles from one location to another while following safe carriage and driving policy.


Another way to write an objective statement is to incorporate your core competencies in the statement. Such objectives serve dual purpose since they are generically objective statements but are formatted like a profile summary.


Resourceful CDL driver seeking work at Dunham Express. Proficient in driving heavy vehicles safely and performing precautionary maintenance of all sort of heavy traffic vehicles.

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