Driver Resignation Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: October 29, 2020

A resignation letter leaves a last impression on an employer. An impact that decides what type of recommendation letter you will get.

In order to ensure a positive exit from a company, it is essential to write a professional resignation letter that is precise and does not put blame on anyone. Even if you are leaving your job because of an altercation or because you do not like your boss, do not mention it.

A driver who is resigning from his position can mention a subsequent position that he may have attained or an imminent move from the city or state that he is residing in. Either of these scenarios makes a reasonable basis for resigning from your job.

Your resignation letter should be well thought out and to the point Here is how you can write one to resign from a driver’s position.

Driver Resignation Letter Example

October 29, 2020

Mr. Noel Jacobs
Manager HR
Wilson Technologies
1522 Timberlake Road
Saint Paul, MN 55632

Dear Mr. Jacobs:

Please accept my resignation from the position of Driver for the Transportation Division, Wilson Technologies on a 2-weeks’ notice. November 11 will be my last day at work, which is in accordance with the terms and conditions spelled out in my contract.

I will be moving to Apple Valley at the end of August where I secured a driving position with one of the local companies. I believe that my two weeks notice period will be sufficient to train my replacement so if you have anyone in mind, please let me know so that I can begin the training process immediately.

The truck that I have been driving for Wilson Technologies for the past three years is in good condition as I have been quite actively performing maintenance work on it. However, once you have inspected it, if you feel that there is something else that needs to be done to it, please let me know, and I will comply.

Wilson Technologies taught me all that I know about commercial truck driving, and I am grateful for the opportunity that you provided to me. Leaving behind people who were more family than coworkers was a difficult decision but I did not have another option at this point. I will be in touch with you regarding my last salary, recommendation letter, and accumulated benefits.

Thank you very much for the mentorship you have provided me during my tenure at Wilson Technologies.

Best regards,

Solomon Mines
Wilson Technologies
1522 Timberlake Road
Saint Paul, MN 55632
(000) 888-9999
solomon @ email . com

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