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Updated December 11, 2016

You may feel that a summary is not a necessary part of the driver resume. While it is probably a relief to know that you can omit at least one section from a resume, it cannot be done. A driver resume has to have a summary to begin with. Everything else is secondary. Most resumes are judged by the summaries that they show off. If a summary is interesting enough, the resume gets read. If not, the resume has little or no chance of being given a once-over.

Some years ago, resume summaries were not common. Now, you cannot deem a resume complete without one. What changed? The fact that resumes became boring accounts of “how good I am as a candidate” made many employers shy away from the standard resume. This meant that even the very good ones would not be considered much because employers were just not ready to waste their time in going through something that was apparently boring. Summaries add a little spice to the otherwise not so enticing resume, making it easy for employers to read them with interest.

What are the main ingredients of a good resume summary? This is a relative question. There is no hard and fast rule that says summaries should have certain attributes. To each his own is perhaps the best way of writing one. Here are some sample summaries to help you though:

Sample Summary Statements for Driver Resume

• Careful, meticulous and responsible driver with over 12 years of experience in driving commercial and personal vehicles. Well-versed in the operation and maintenance of different types of automobiles. A pleasant and friendly individual who is known for his safe driving practices.

• Exceptionally well-organized and resourceful Driver with 5+ years’ progressive experience in driving trucks, cars and vans, by following a set route and time schedule. Skilled in mapping short and safe routes using standard maps and the GPS. Able to perform minor vehicle repairs.

• Meticulous and reliable driver boasting of 6 years of relevant experience in a personal and commercial setting. Demonstrated ability to manage long haul trips with exceptional focus on safety of passengers and timeliness. Leverages wide-ranging talents in vehicle cleaning, customer service and teamwork.

• Trustworthy, versatile and self-motivated Truck Driver with 18 years of extensive experience in driving trucks and vans for the purpose of delivering loads to destinations. Recognized for mapping out safe routes, carefully driving vehicles to destinations, delivering loads safely and ensuring preventative and regular maintenance on assigned vehicles.

• Highly experienced, dedicated and courteous individual with deep insight into driving, caring for and operating large and medium sized automobiles. Highly approachable individual with a professional attitude and a will to provide exemplary services to passengers.

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