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Updated on June 5, 2019

Cars, buses, and trucks are all driven and maintained by specialist drivers who are trained in driving as well as performing minor repairs on the vehicles that they operate.

Not every driver can drive every type of vehicle. That is why employers hire drivers with different backgrounds for handling different cars accordingly.


Since driving requires great responsibility on the part of the driver, employers prefer that they hire people who have excellent references.

A driver is responsible for the vehicle that he is driving along with the safety of the passengers he is carrying which is why it is essential that the driver you hire has a clean record and knows the vehicles he has to drive.

If you are in the process of hiring a driver, then you may ask him to provide you with a reference letter from a previous employer.

A reference letter should possess information akin to the following reference letter sample.



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Driver Reference Letter Example


June 5, 2019


To Whom It May Concern

I would like to recommend Ryan Watkins for the position as a driver. I have known him for seven years in the capacity of my personal driver.

Ryan has a remarkable manner, which was the first thing I noticed about him. In fact, it was also the deciding factor in hiring him. Throughout the time he worked for me, he proved himself a passionate driver. Moreover, he portrayed a positive demeanor at times.

There was a time when Ryan drove my family to a ceremony, and the car broke down in the way. He did not let my family panic by repairing the vehicle while making sure that my family reached home safely. Since then, I have had a deep respect for him as I can trust in him completely.

Ryan is courteous and punctual in addition to being mechanically savvy. He always made sure that my car’s interior and exterior were in perfect condition by performing regular maintenance and cleanliness.

It was quite a shock when Ryan handed over his two weeks’ notice, but I understand his desire to work in a more challenging position. I am positive that his prospective employer will be lucky to have him as part of his team.

I wish him all the best for any position that he takes up in the future.


Kind Regards,

Curt Hagen

Curt Hagen
(000) 333-3333



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