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Sample Reference Letter from an RN for a CNA

A reference letter written by a registered nurse for a certified nursing assistant should confirm a CNA’s skills, qualifications, attitude, and experience.  Usually, a reference letter includes praises about an individual by a supervisory authority, charting out reasons to hire or place them in a CNA capacity. In order to influence a decision maker’s choice,… Read More »

Teacher Aide Recommendation Letter Sample

Recommendation letters are great communicators of an individual’s personal and professional attributes. You can write one for a student, an employee, a friend, or even a tenant, depending on your specific role. In order to be able to write one, you have to have all the information at hand. Ask yourself the following questions before… Read More »

Maintenance Worker Recommendation Letter Sample

In order to write a good recommendation letter for a Maintenance Worker, you can outline details of relevant attitudes, abilities, competencies, and personal attributes of the candidate, including: • Communication skills• Enthusiasm• Problem-solving• Transferrable skills• Teamwork abilities• Self-reliance How to Write a good reference or recommendation letter? First of all, ask the applicant to give… Read More »

Executive Secretary Reference and Recommendation Letter Sample

Reference letters can be written for students, colleagues, and subordinates. The first and foremost thing that you have to do before writing an Executive Secretary reference letter is to ask yourself if you are indeed qualified to write one. If you have been asked to write one by any of these, it is time to… Read More »