Top 12 Driver Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: August 24, 2020

A driver resume objective is an opportunity for you to define how you could be the ideal driver. It is usually a short statement that highlights your professional goals, and abilities as a Driver to the employer, and let them know how you can safely transport passengers and merchandise.

The driver objective statement will help you grab the employer’s attention and show them your driving skills and how you can bring value to their company.

Take a look at the following 12 objectives examples for a driver resume to get ideas.

12 Best Sample Objectives for a Driver Resume

Personal Driver Objectives

1. Safety-oriented and punctual Personal Driver seeking a position at All Star Security. Bringing excellent driving record to safely and timely drive executives, visitors, and staff.

2. An expert personal driver with 5+ years of experience driving passengers, cleaning vehicles, and performing minor repairs. Poised to work for ABC Company to provide exceptional transportation services. Great communication skills with excellent attention to detail.

3. To work for Alto in the capacity of a Personal Driver. Leveraging the highest degree of safety and adherence to the law to create an elevated customer service experience for passengers and customers on their rides.

4. A friendly and courteous individual with an excellent driving record. Eager to work for ABC Company as a Personal Driver to demonstrate a safe, consistent, and hospitable journey for passengers.

5. Detail-oriented and highly organized personal driver seeking work with Fairly Odd Treasures. Providing seamless driving experience to executives, staff, and clients. Able to clean and maintain vehicles at all times.

6. Dexterous driver with 5+ years of safe driving experience, seeking a position at ABC Company. Bringing a responsible attitude, great attention to detail, and a sense of urgency to timely drive passengers. Current driver’s license with a good driving record.

7. Energetic, dependable driving professional with a solid record of safe transportation of passengers and merchandise. Eager to work for ABC Company in the capacity of a driver.

Delivery Driver

8. To work as a Delivery Driver for Acme Delivery services. Leveraging exceptional skills in delivery management and excellent driving record to contribute to the company’s mission and goals.

9. To obtain a driver position with Joey’s Delivery. Offers a keen sense of safety and a track record of making on-time and safe deliveries. Good GPS, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Car Rental Driver

10. Looking for a position as a Driver at Amway Car Rentals using the ability to exercise modern navigation techniques and exceptional customer service skills.

11. To obtain a position as a Driver with Kayak Rental Solutions. Bringing expertise in driving a variety of commercial and private vehicles.

Courier Driver

12. To obtain a Driver position with Bella Couriers. Offering a good driving record, understanding of the metropolitan area with a profound ability to read and understand maps and use the GPS system.

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