Driver Resume Objective Examples

Updated on March 4, 2018

Working as a driver can be exciting work as one is provided with a chance to travel extensively.

While a driver working in a private capacity may be limited to the city he works in, delivery and route drivers get to see the world!

But driving is not all fun!

There is a lot of responsibility, attention to detail, sense of urgency and hard work involved. Drivers are required to manage a number of activities including maintaining the vehicle they drive and managing preventive repairs for them.

Additionally, they are required to assist with loading and unloading merchandise on the vehicle especially if they are working for a delivery service.

Driving is definitely a serious job.

So much responsibility is involved especially where transporting people and merchandise is concerned.

Take a look at some driver resume objective examples here that may help candidates to show professionalism that is needed to get the job.


Sample Objectives for a Driver Resume


• Energetic, dependable driving professional with a solid record of safe transportation of passengers and merchandise. Eager to work with ABC Company in the capacity of a driver.

• To work as a Delivery Driver for Acme Delivery services utilizing great skills in delivery management and excellent driving record to contribute the company’s mission and goals.

• Looking for a position as a Driver with Amway Car Rentals using the ability to exercise modern navigation techniques and exceptional customer service skills.

• To obtain a Driver position with Bella Couriers. Offering good driving record, understanding of the metropolitan area with a profound ability to read and understand maps and use the GPS system.

• Desire a driver position with Joey’s Delivery. Offers a keen sense of safety and a track-record of making on-time and safe deliveries.

• To obtain a position as a Driver with Kayak Rental Solutions. Bringing expertise in driving a variety of commercial and private vehicles.

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