High school students are often intimidated by the gigantic task of resume writing. The main barrier is lack of experience. It is important to bring all focus onto the skills and personal attributes being offered in such cases. The core component of the resume of a 16 year old is perhaps the career objective.

An objective statement for 16 years old job seeker must instill eagerness to work. Since objective is the first statement the employer will read on the resume, it is very important to build it in a meaningful and compelling manner.

Following are some workable resume objective examples for 16 years old students.

Sample Objectives for 16 Years Old Resume

With no hands-on experience, creating a good career objective is job. In today’s job market, employers prefer short, to-the-point and targeted objective statements. It is recommended to write a short statement containing your field of interest and one line mentioning your skills.

There are many patterns of objective statements. The simplest and perhaps the most popular style to write an objective is to mention the position being sought and one or two skills / area of interest.

• Highly motivated and energetic student seeking a part-time front desk position at XYZ Company. Bringing strong skills in office management, reception handling and daily correspondence sorting.

• Looking for a position as a teaching aide at ABC learning institute utilizing expertise in classroom assistance, student activity management and clerical support.

• To work for ABC Grocers’ sales department where exceptional sales acumen and convincing power could be utilized to achieve the sales targets of company.

Another way to state an objective is to begin with your core competencies or traits. If you opt for this style, make sure that the traits you are mentioning in the objective are job relevant.

• Highly industrious and hardworking high school student gifted with executive interactive and administrative skills, seeking a clerical position with K-mart.

• Committed and devoted individual with an exceptional knowledge of modern carwashing techniques looking for part time work in the field. Able to perform minor repairs, surface polishing and vacuuming.

• Self driven and highly energetic individual with exceptional office management skills. Seeking a job shadowing experience in office assistance at NY Community College with a broader aim to contribute in the long term goals of the organization.

One important thing in this regard is not to loose confidence in your objective statement. Make sure you are mentioning the most relevant skills with great clarity.