How to Write a Cover Letter for a Buyer Position

Updated on: February 14, 2021

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Writing an effective cover letter for a buyer’s job is a sensitive task that requires a lot of time and energy.

In fact, all-purpose cover letters have now evolved into targeted and employer-focused covers. Each company you apply for a buyer job requires a specially tailored cover letter.

Once you have decided where to apply, the first step should be to find out more about your employer and their expectations from a buyer.

Buyer cover letters are basically a personalized form of your resume that serves as your introduction, so it is best to make them as job-relevant as possible to keep the employer interested.

Below are some tips regarding how to write a cover letter for a buying, merchandising, or procurement job.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Buyer Resume

Preparation Stage

The first stage in your letter writing process is preparation. Don’t just depend on the advertisement. Find out about the organization, their preferences, their mission statement, and their version of the target position’s description.

Prioritize Skills

You might be skilled in many ways, which may or may not be relevant to the potential employer. It is very important to enlist all of your buyer skills and shortlist two or three to mention in the main body.


In order to make an effective cover letter, it is best to use the name of the employer in salutation. If you cannot find the name, just mention the designation. Try to avoid ‘to whom it may concern’.


Being a retail position, the opening needs to be very catchy. Use your creative marketing skills and form a catchy introduction for example:

Are you in need of an experienced buyer who claims to enhance your business immediately if hired?


Could XYZ Store use the services of a talented and innovative buyer for its new outlet?

Main Body

This is the section where you mention your skills in the form of short bullets or a table. Make sure whatever you write is job relevant and highly meaningful for the employer. Discuss how you would contribute to the company using your experience and capabilities.


It is very important to leave the employer with a lingering, persuasive closing. Show some enthusiasm regarding the position and make an ending that calls for an action, like:

I’ll call your office to set up an interview date.
Please call me at (009) 333-4444 to schedule an interview.

Signature and Attachments

Sign the letter at the bottom and don’t forget to mention that your resume is enclosed with the cover letter.


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