Top 6 Order Entry Clerk Objectives for Resume

Updated on: August 12, 2021

Does it surprise you to know that the Order Entry Clerk objective is probably the most important part of your resume?

It shouldn’t be surprised actually, especially when you have less or no relevant experience in hand.

What the first part of your resume depicts is responsible for making a solid impact on the reader (the employer).

And since the objective is the first part of all resumes, they are considered the most important.

The importance of an order entry clerk resume objective can be judged from the fact that they set the path straight for the rest of the document. It is imperative for the writer to follow what is claimed to be true in a resume objective.

Every other section in the resume is (or at least should be) based on the claims that the objective has made. In a sense, the objective makes it easier for you to write a resume as it defines both its pace and the type of information that you need to put in.

But don’t get fooled into thinking that resume objectives need to be long-winded and well, long!

The beauty of an objective is that it is a short blurb that manages to say one hell of a lot of things!

If a potential employer is impressed by your resume objective, chances are that he will be impressed with you as well! And that should work well for both sides.

What follow are a few examples of resume objectives for an order entry clerk:

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6 Sample Objectives for Order Entry Clerk Resume

1. Seeking a position as an Order Entry Clerk at Pella Corporation. Bringing 5+ years’ hands-on experience in determining customers’ orders and efficiently punching them into the order-taking system.

2. Looking for an Order Entry Clerk position at Title Resource Group. Enthusiastic to make use of expertise in responding to requests for item information and correctly punching in customers’ orders and providing follow-up.

3. An Order Entry Clerk position at Proof Point where competencies in juggling telephone calls and order-taking will be utilized to provide exceptional customer services.

4. To work as an Order Entry Clerk at Air Systems Components Inc to use skills in processing orders, providing receipts, and ensuring appropriate follow-up to expedite customers’ orders.

5. To obtain a position as an Order Entry Clerk at Quest Inc. Eager to apply the ability to operate standard order-taking databases to enter accurate orders and provide customers with feedback on orders in the pipeline.

6. Seeking an Order Entry Clerk position at Total Products and Services to employ proficiencies in taking and processing orders, itemizing statements and bills, and resolving discrepancies and customer complaints in a proactive manner, aimed at customer satisfaction and repeat business opportunities.