Career Objectives for a Utility Worker

Updated on May 13, 2019

Work duties of a utility worker may be a bit ambiguous as different employment environments have separate needs.

For instance, a utility worker in a restaurant may be required to handle the cleaning and sanitizing work in the kitchen while one working in a residential building will have to handle the entire building’s maintenance tasks.


Specific duties of a utility worker will depend on what is jotted down in his or her job description.

Since utility workers work in the hospitality industry more often than in any other work environment, let us first see what their duties are in this arena.

Maintaining sanitary conditions of dishes and utensils and handling cleaning activities of food service equipment is a huge part of a utility worker’s job.

A utility worker is also entrusted with handling delivered food stocks and is required to make sure that food items are stored properly.


Utility workers who work in plants may be required to handle sorting and packaging duties along with ensuring proper maintenance of work areas.

In a supermarket environment, a utility worker often doubles up as a bagger and is required to assist customers in delivering bought items to their cars.

People who want to apply for a position as a utility worker can take ideas from the following career objective examples so that you can write their own on a resume.

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These objective statements are segregated as per industry.


Utility Worker Resume Objective Examples


• Looking for a position as a Utility Worker with Senior Life Community. Bringing expertise in handling kitchen and dining area maintenance activities in order to ensure smooth operations.

Convenience Store

• Seeking a position as a Utility Worker with Columbia Fresh Produce using exceptional knowledge of packing and sorting products correctly and ensuring that they are delivered to the pallet in a time-efficient manner.

• To work as a Utility Worker at Hagen Daz. Offers unique expertise in handling general utility tasks of a fast-paced refrigeration unit with profound professionalism and pro-activity.


• To obtain a position as s Utility Worker with Cincinnati Packagers in order to provide the benefit of my experience in handling differing utility tasks associated with packaging and delivering products in a timely manner.


• Desire a Utility Worker position with Hampstead Hotel. Offering exceptionally strong background in handling kitchen and dining area tasks in order to ensure efficiency and smooth work operations.

• To work as a Utility Worker for Yugenfruls employing a strong background in meeting the cleanliness, neatness and maintenance demands of a busy hospitality environment.

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