Police Dispatcher Objectives for Resume

Updated on: May 4, 2019

Police dispatchers are an important part of the law and order system.

They receive distress calls from the public and are required to ensure the deployment of police officials to the origin of the call.


There are many duties that a police dispatcher is expected to perform.

A typical day in a police dispatcher’s life will involve taking telephone calls from the public or the police and ensuring that the number of police officials needed is sent to the scene on an immediate basis.

They are required to remain calm during phone calls to ensure that they understand what the caller is saying so that they can relay accurate information forward.

You will find police dispatchers using many modes of communication including telephones, radios and computer systems. They make logs of all the incoming calls so that these calls can be revisited in the event of court trials or investigations.


If you are looking for a position as a police dispatcher, you should provide your career objective when writing a resume.

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An objective for a police dispatcher is a short, specific statement that includes position and your relevant skills. Let us see how you can put your skills in a resume objective.


Sample Objectives for a Police Dispatcher Resume

• A Police Dispatcher position with the University of Miami Police Department. Bringing keen listening skills and the ability to remain calm in emergency situations to provide the students with the best in law and order service.

• Seeking a Police Dispatcher position with Texas Municipal League using profound ability to interpret emergency situations and perform appropriate actions quickly

• Desire a Police Dispatcher position at Commonwealth of Virginia. Offering great aptitude to manage the dispatching tasks in a controlled and effective manner along with knowledge of FCC laws and regulations

• To work for the Maine Police Department as a Police Dispatcher. Offers skills in using dispatching information systems to organize the work of the office

• To obtain employment as a Police Dispatcher at the New York Police Department. Offering exceptional communication skills and the ability to manage emergency situations over the phone to solicit information from callers in an effective and calm manner

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