Top 10 Sample Objectives for OJT Resume

Updated January 22, 2023
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In order to write an objective statement for OJT resume, you can obtain ideas from a variety of OJT resume objective examples available on the internet.

Please keep in mind that a general resume objective doesn’t state the candidate’s goals or enthusiasm to make a career change or suitability for the vacancy, for example:

“Seeking a position in the ‘x’ field.”

A modern method of making an OJT resume objective statement is to combine your career goal with a summary of your skills.

Study the examples below in order to get a better idea.

OJT Resume Objective Examples

1. A reliable and enthusiastic mathematics graduate seeking on-the-job training at ABC Company. Eager to utilize my brilliant education to contribute significantly while polishing my skills.

2. Driven high school student eager to get on-the-job training from ABC Company. Bringing a passion to outperform in a team-oriented environment.

3. Responsible college student with real affection for animals seeking On Job Training with a veterinary hospital. Poised to utilize the knowledge gained through education and real-life experiences.

4. To obtain an OJT position with a renowned IT Company. Eager to harmonize with a team of experienced professionals for the individual as well as corporate development.

5. Strong desire to obtain a position as an OJT at Kohler. Offering deep insight into handling sociology programs to improve personal, group, and organizational effectiveness.

6. To obtain a position as an OJT at Autocam Corporation, utilizing skills in modern software applications.

7. Seeking On-Job Training in the Customer Service arena. Enthusiastic to obtain an understanding of how to offer the best customer service and to get knowledge of the daily operations of the company.

OJT Trainer Resume Objective Examples

8. Looking for a position as an OJT with New Castle Hotels and Resorts. Eager to use my expertise in identifying training and development needs and designing and expanding training and development programs based on established requirements.

9. An OJT position at Beetles Network, employing exceptional insight into determining the current and future training needs of existing and new employees and providing them with on-the-job training to help them get a head start on their work.

10. To work as an OJT at Coca-Cola, applying adeptness at training newly inducted staff to learn job-related skills, to assist an orderly transition.

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