Skill Set for Server to Put on Resume

Updated on: July 13, 2021

Planning a resume for a server job is very important. Each section needs your individual and undivided attention, particularly the skills section, based on which most employer decide if they want to spend time and money on interviewing or hiring you.

So how does one mention skills on a resume?

It is very simple. All you have to do is create a dedicated section for your skills in your resume and list all that you are skilled at under it.

But it is certainly not as easy as that. While skills can be put on a resume in a list form, they need to be elaborated on for the employer to be able to understand completely what you want to tell him or her.

Elaborating on your skills will require you to first determine what it is that you can do in a particular area.

For instance, if you are a server working in a restaurant, you can say that you are skilled in providing exceptional customer services with the aim of retaining patrons. This will tell the hiring manager that you are capable of working in your designated areas of interest and know exactly how to make good use of your capabilities.

The skills set that a server will need to put on his resume to make sure that he is favored by a hiring manager is provided below. Have a look!

Sample Skill Set to Put on Server Resume

• Highly experienced in preparing dining areas by clothing tables and setting condiments and decorations.

• Proven record of efficiently helping patrons choose menu items by providing them with information on ingredients and preparation methods.

• Proficient in relaying orders to the kitchen and following up on orders to ensure timely delivery.

• Adept at serving orders after ensuring the accuracy of order and that proper portioning has been done.

• Hands-on experience in maintaining table setting by removing courses as they are completed and replenishing utensils and refilling water and beverages.

• Deep insight into setting up and filling and refilling buffet dishes to ensure a constant supply of food.

• Competent at preparing hot and cold drinks and courteously offering/serving them to restaurant patrons.

• Able to effectively and efficiently clean tables and chairs and reset them in time for restaurant opening or in anticipation of the next group of patrons.

• Ability to serve wine selections to tables and placing appropriate glasses according to pre-established procedures.

• Demonstrated expertise in providing assistance to the kitchen staff by assisting in preparing soups and salads, especially during rush hours or staff shortages.