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Laminator Resume Sample

The work of a laminator is complex and requires an individual to know it inside out, before venturing to perform the duties associated with it. As a laminator, you have to prepare and use laminate panels and molds to produce and bond together hulls, decks, soles, and other components for different projects. You may be… Read More »

Valedictorian Resume Sample

At the entry level, your biggest strength may be that you were the college/university valedictorian. If this is the case, your resume should be equally impressing. When writing a Valedictorian resume, you must focus on the many strengths that you have in an academic capacity, and how you can convert them into skills that can be… Read More »

Never Employed Resume Sample

If you have never been employed before, you might have some issues in writing a resume. However, if you get a few pointers, there is an excellent chance that your resume will be considered even without the benefit of possessing experience. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and hiring managers know this. So they will probably… Read More »

Exterminator Resume Sample

You must have been through many resume samples for exterminator position. But we assure you that none will hold a better format than the one below. Take a look to get ideas how to craft your resume.       Exterminator Resume Sample     Henry Toole 56 Three Square Street Yonkers, NY 23100 (000)… Read More »

Landscape Foreman Resume Example

The fact that you are an eligible candidate for a position needs to be communicated to a hiring manager. A well-structured resume can do this for you. Take a look at the following one:       Landscape Foreman Resume Sample     Donald Andrews 128 Casper Road, Billings, MT 22321 (000) 999-9999 [Email] LANDSCAPE… Read More »

Golf Course Superintendent Resume Sample

Overview There may have been half a dozen incidents where your resume did not bring in the desired results. Why do you think that happened? Probably because the way it was structured wasn’t great. Use the following sample to help you write a structured resume:       Golf Course Superintendent Resume Example    … Read More »

Longshoreman Resume Sample

Overview   A resume is something that needs a lot of attention if you want it to bring results. Going through a resume, hiring managers often place candidates in categories – make sure yours is one that is high on the bar. Here is a sample to follow:       Longshoreman Resume Example  … Read More »

Life Scientist Resume Sample

Overview Perceptive resumes for Life Scientist go a long way in helping hiring authorities decide how they want to treat your candidature. If your resume has great depth, there is a good chance that you will be shortlisted for an interview. The following sample will show you how to write a Life Scientist Resume along… Read More »