Laminator Resume Sample

Updated on: July 15, 2018

The work of a laminator is complex and requires an individual to know it inside out, before venturing to perform the duties associated with it.

As a laminator, you have to prepare and use laminate panels and molds to produce and bond together hulls, decks, soles, and other components for different projects.

You may be working on a shipyard – which is the most common job that a laminator works at – or in any other capacity that requires lamination work to be done.




Laminator Resume Sample



David Johnson
72 Hill Road, Sulphur, LA 17384
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled Laminator with 11+ years’ extensive experience working with polymer composite material to produce a wide range of items. Exceptionally talented in using wood laminates and other materials to handle a vast variety of projects.

• Handled four lamination projects at the same time ensuring that all of them were completed on time.
• Successfully handled the work of 2 laminators at the same time in the event of work overload.
• Implemented an encapsulation process which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Increased the quality of the end product through the implementation of a novel quality control system.


• Design Construction • Material Selection • Bonding
• Quality Control • Conformance Assurance • Excess Trimming
• Materials Curing • Encapsulation • Inspection
• Mold Assembly • Tools and Equipment Use • Resins Experience


Smyth Companies, Ruston, LA                                                2007-present
• Measure materials, and cut them into the right sizes and shapes by using hand and power tools.
• Perform mixing work to ensure that appropriate quantities of resin and catalysts are developed.
• Clean and prepare molds for use and ensure that they are waxed in a proper manner as well.
• Grind fiberglass to the right finish and use it for lamination and finishing purposes.
• Handle lay-up of composite materials, fiberglass, resins, and catalysts into the proper molds.
• Install wood and other components into fiberglass hulls, and decks, according to provided instructions.
• Perform sanding of fiberglass projects, aimed at giving them the proper finishing touch.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on tools and equipment used for lamination work.

Laminator Apprentice
Westpoint Shipyard, Ruston, LA                                           2005-2007
• Arranged for tools and equipment to be made available before the beginning of each project.
• Assisted in locating materials such as fiberglass, sand, and resins from storage areas.
• Cleaned and maintained work areas, to make them ready for lamination work.
• Assisted in handling painting and finishing work, and performing minor repairs.
• Created and managed the inventory of supplies and tools required for each lamination project.

Ruston High School, Ruston, LA
High School Diploma



Laminator Qualifications

Although you don’t need more than a high school diploma or a GED equivalent to work as a laminator, you do have to possess a certain skills set that will make you a good contender to be hired at this position.

Laminator Skills

This skills set includes the knowledge of performing intricate lamination work, the ability to choose and use the right tools and equipment, and the physical dexterity to perform taxing work duties.

In addition to this, you must be okay with performing repetitive tasks, as most of your work days will require you to do the same thing over and over again. However, there will be variations, depending on the type of project that you are assigned.

Laminator Job Description 

• Look through job orders to determine the type and intensity of work required for each project module.
• Determine timelines provided for each project, ensuring that work duties are outlined accordingly.
• Obtain information regarding the type and quantity of supplies and tools required to handle lamination projects.
• Select, measure, and cut materials to required dimensions, using selected hand and power tools.
• Mix resin and catalyst in proper proportions, and ensure that it is applied using the right sixed applicators.
• Clean, and wax molds, preparing them for use, and ensure that molds are properly stored once the work is finished.
• Grind fiberglass to the right finish, and assist in placing/pouring it into the right places.
• Install wood and other components into fiberglass hulls, decks, and small part molds.
• Operate, use, and maintain a wide variety of power tools to include saws, drills, grinders, and overhead hoists.
• Inspect, clean, and assemble molds, before the beginning of each project.
• Perform finishing work on laminated projects, to ensure that all specifications are met.
• Create and maintain the inventory of all needed supplies and equipment, communicating low stock situations to the manager.