Horse Trainer Resume Sample

Updated March 4, 2018


Not all Horse Trainer resumes bring results.

The ones that do are ones that are written in a focused manner, allowing a hiring manager to discover the real candidate through his or her play of words.

The following resume sample can be used as an example to write one along these lines:


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Horse Trainer Resume Example



Craig Cole

596 Lela Drive, Magnolia, MS 58021
(000) 417-5242


Committed to bringing tangible results.

Animal lover with extensive experience in training horses for riding, shows, and racing, placing particular focus on their wellbeing and safety. Highly skilled in performing grooming and maintenance activities on horses, and ensuring on-time feeding and exercise.

Mounts and rides saddle horses to condition them to respond to oral, spur and rein commands. Exceptionally well-versed in hitching draft horses to wagons, sleds and other horse-drawn equipment. Ability to retrain horses to break habits including kicking, bolting and resisting grooming.


✓ One-on-one Training ✓ Retraining
✓ Jockey Training ✓ Mating Assistance
✓ Training Programs Planning ✓ Equestrian Discipline
✓ Heavy / Light Horses Training ✓ Dressage
✓ Equine Conditioning ✓ Purchase Advice
✓ Show Jumping Training ✓ Riding Commands Adaptation

• Successfully trained 15 horses for one of the biggest equestrian show in the state, within 3 months.
• Implemented core horse training procedures (for race horses), which proved to be 75% more workable than the ones being followed.
• Wrote a manual on riding commands, to be used as part of the training for new horse trainers.
• Introduced a jockey training program, which proved to be exceptionally popular, and resulted in high interest from concerned parties.


Horse Trainer
The Equestrian, Magnolia, MS | 5/2010 – Present
• Confer with horse owners to determine their specific horse training needs, and provide them with insight into what is required.
• Develop and implement specific training and exercise routines for assigned horses, based on their needs.
• Provide training to assigned horses to make them ready for riding, shows, work or racing, depending on specific instructions.
• Encourage and calm assigned horses by talking to them to follow the lead and stand still during hitching and grooming work.
• Place tacks and harnesses to accustom horses to feel of equipment, ensuring that all edges are properly placed and secured.
• Mount and ride saddle horses, aiming to condition them to respond to oral, spur and rein commands.
• Retrain horses to break habits such as kicking, bolting and resisting attaching bridles, saddles, and grooming.
• Ascertain that assigned horses are adequately fed, bathed and groomed and that their wellbeing and safety is kept a priority.

Assistant Horse Trainer
Horse Trainers Inc., Magnolia, MS | 2/2003 – 5/2010
• Calmed down assigned horses by talking to them and patting them down.
• Performed grooming and bathing activities, to prepare horses for the training session.
• Assisted in training horses to become comfortable with saddling and bridling exercises.
• Provided support in creating and implementing exercise and training programs for assigned horses.
• Ascertained that the cleanliness and sanitization of stables and training areas were kept in check.

Magnolia High School, Magnolia, MS – 2001
High School Diploma