Landscape Foreman Resume Example

Updated on: April 24, 2018

The fact that you are an eligible candidate for a position needs to be communicated to a hiring manager.

A well-structured resume can do this for you.

Take a look at the following one:




Landscape Foreman Resume Sample



Donald Andrews
128 Casper Road, Billings, MT 22321
(000) 999-9999


14+ years of experience working in a landscaping capacity. Proficient in creating and implementing core landscaping strategies, keeping clients’ instructions in mind. Ability to oversee landscaping activities on the job site, by coordinating workflow.


Activities Direction Supervision Inventory Maintenance
Expense Tracking Safety Procedures Equipment Maintenance
Best Practices Crew Training Scheduling and Planning
Client Liaison Labor Tracking Work Standardization

• Singlehandedly oversaw landscaping activities at 2 worksites, at the same time.
• Implemented a series of safety procedures, decreasing onsite injuries by 85%.
• Introduced a novel scheduling system, which took into account absent crew members.
• Devised a labor tracking system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in place.


Landscape Foreman
Davey Tree, Billings, MT                               2011- Present
• Create and implement core schedules for crew members, according to the specifics of each project.
• Provide training to crew members to ensure that they work well towards the goal of the project.
• Conduct site inspections to determine ways in which landscaping projects should be executed.
• Supervise the daily work of crew members, and provide interventions where necessary.
• Implement safety procedures, aimed at ensuring crew members’ physical safety and wellbeing.
• Oversee the work of crew members to ensure that instructions are being followed and that clients are satisfied.
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific landscaping requirements, and provide correlating suggestions.
• Oversee the obtainment of supplies, tools, and equipment required for landscaping projects, and handle correlating inventory.

Landscape Worker
Lawn Aesthetics, Billings, MT                         2004 – 2011
• Took instructions from foremen to determine clients’ landscaping requirements.
• Handled landscaping activities such as trimming and edging, flower beds, and walls.
• Pruned shrubs and trees to shape them according to clients’ requirements.
• Planted trees, flowers, and shrubs, and watered lawns according to established timelines.
• Cleaned out drainage ditches and culverts, by making appropriate use of shovels and rakes.

Billings High School, Billings, MT – 2002
High School Diploma