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Updated September 2, 2017


Perceptive resumes for Life Scientist go a long way in helping hiring authorities decide how they want to treat your candidature.

If your resume has great depth, there is a good chance that you will be shortlisted for an interview.

The following sample will show you how to write a Life Scientist Resume along these lines:




Life Scientist Resume Example



Kimberly Parker

8 Wharf Road, Madison, CT 85820
(000) 417-2013
kim.parker @ email . com


Performance Summary
Experienced life scientist with broad exposure in planning, conducting and analyzing experiments in a wide variety of disciplines, including physiology, neurosciences, and pharmacology. Highly experienced in carrying out core research projects to develop new products, processes and applications.

• A committed individual with the ability to design and conduct experiments, and make required observations and measurements.
• Flexible and focused in deadline oriented environments.
• Highly skilled in studying forms and structures of bodily organs and tissues through systematic observation, examining micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi and yeast, and using obtained insight to develop new products.
• Qualified to investigate the effects of environmental factors such as rainfall and temperature on various planes

Core Competencies

✓ Research Projects ✓ Organisms Relationships ✓ Experiments Leading
✓ Grants Management ✓ Cancer Studies ✓ Stem Cell Investigation
✓ Data Dissemination ✓ Environment Investigation ✓ Field Work Oversight
✓ Theories Validation ✓ Data Analysis ✓ Methodology Development



Life Scientist
Emergent Bio Solutions, Madison, CT | 5/2010 – Present
• Create the metrics for core life sciences experiments, and lead and conduct them according to instructions.
• Process and analyze results of conducted experiments, and communicate results to the scientific community.
• Lead research projects, aimed at developing new products, processes and applications.
• Draw up new research projects, and create and maintain contact with donors to acquire grants.
• Study the forms and structure of bodily organs and fluids through systematic observation, dissection and microscopic examination.
• Investigate the chemical and physical structure of living cells, and examine micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeast.
• Explore the effects of environmental factors including rain, temperature and sunlight on plant growth.
• Determine factors surrounding life in general, aiming to find ways to improve it, and correct imperfections.

Key Accomplishments
• Identified a key element that could help eradicate bone cancer from the world.
• Obtained grants for cancer research, from 5 different donors, within 6 months.

Life Scientist Assistant
Zenopa, Madison, CT | 2/2008 – 5/2010
• Assisted in planning and carrying out research projects aimed at developing new processes, or improving current ones.
• Disseminated results of conducted experiments to the professional community.
• Drew up research proposals and wrote requests for grants, along with maintaining effective liaison with donors
• Assisted in examining the anatomy, biochemistry and physiology of human, plants and animals, to develop metrics for related functions.
• Investigated the interrelationships between animals in their natural surroundings, and created and submitted correlating reports.

Key Accomplishments
• Implemented a data dissemination system, which was considered 50% faster than the one already in use.
• Led a series of complex experiments, resulting in exceptional outcomes from all of them.

Connecticut State University, Madison, CT – 2007
Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences

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