Valedictorian Resume Sample

Updated on: July 15, 2018

At the entry level, your biggest strength may be that you were the college/university valedictorian. If this is the case, your resume should be equally impressing.

When writing a Valedictorian resume, you must focus on the many strengths that you have in an academic capacity, and how you can convert them into skills that can be used by a potential employer.

Remember that even at the entry level, you can impress a hiring manager into hiring you for a position that you have your heart set on. How would you do this? Do not stop reading…



Valedictorian Resume Example


Joseph Miller
520 Yellow Road, Newark, NJ 27738
(000) 999-9999


Highly competent, and resourceful individual, with the exceptional know-how of contributing to the creation and implementation of core marketing strategies. Effectively able to organize and handle marketing activities and events, aimed at raising brand awareness.

• Well-versed in assisting in the planning of advertising and promotional campaigns for products and services.
• Qualified to prepare content for publication of marketing materials, and oversee their distribution.
• Ability to conduct market research, aimed at identifying opportunities for promotion and growth.
• Familiar with collaborating with department heads to prepare budgets, and monitor expenses.

New Jersey State University, Newark, NJ – 2018
Bachelor of Business Administration
Major: Marketing
• Chosen as the valedictorian for the graduation ceremony, due to achieving the highest GPA throughout the three years of the degree program.
• Consistently made the Dean’s list for all 3 college years, owing to exceptional academic performance.


Intern                                       1/2017 – 5/2017
High Rise Products, Newark, NJ
• Provided research work to identify market trends, and ensured that proper reports were compiled.
• Assisted in the creation and development of core marketing strategies, and provided support through the implementation phase.
• Handled the specifics of marketing campaigns, ensuring that any issues were identified, and rectified.
• Monitored marketing and sales performances, and assisted in the adjustment or modification of strategies.
• Oversaw and updates website content, ensuring that new products and offers were communicated to prospective and existing customers.

Research Presentations Community Outreach
Visual Merchandising Budget Handling Market Trends Analysis
Product Advertising 4 Ps of Marketing Strategy Adjustment

Excellent professional references available.


Additional Guidelines

A Valedictorian resume is nothing more than a collection of the most important events in your academic and professional lives.

You have to make sure that it possesses information that will be useful for a hiring manager when he or she makes the decision to hire someone for an open position.

There is something else that you need to look into – a resume must not be too long, as it becomes cumbersome to read, and discourages the hiring manager.