Exterminator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2018

You must have been through many resume samples for exterminator position.

But we assure you that none will hold a better format than the one below.

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Exterminator Resume Sample



Henry Toole
56 Three Square Street
Yonkers, NY 23100
(000) 999-999


Top-performing Exterminator with 7+ years’ experience controlling pest in both commercial and residential arenas. Highly skilled in determining the right type of plans to meet each client’s specific requirements to manage pest infestations. Documented success in identifying insects, rodents, and birds, which relate to ornamental and structural pest control. Proven ability to effectively inspect building and surroundings to determine the extent of the infestation and damage, and determine the right types of chemicals to perform extermination processes.


• Pest Control • Humane Extermination • Bait Setting
• Pest Management Plans • Barriers Creation • Site Inspection
• Equipment Use • Safety Measures • Pesticides Application
• Boring and Cutting • Recurrence Prevention • Reporting

• Singlehandedly exterminated 3 different types of pests (rats, mice, and raccoons) from 2 buildings within a day.
• Introduced the concept of bait setting, resulting in the process becoming 75% more efficient than before.
• Trained 23 pest control workers in the different ways to handle extermination humanely.
• Implemented a series of safety measures, aimed at ensuring increased safety of self, and people within assigned buildings.


RetnokilIntitial Inc., Yonkers, NY | 2013-present
• Interview clients to determine their pest control, and extermination requirements.
• Inspect buildings and surrounding areas to determine the extent of the infestation and associated damage.
• Figure out plans to handle pest infestations, following safety policies.
• Mix and use chemicals to control pest infestations, by following set rules safety.
• Cut or bore openings in assigned buildings, and surrounded areas, to access affected areas.
• Insert nozzles of spraying equipment, and inject pesticides to impregnate outlined areas.
• Provide clients with information on what measures to take to discourage future infestations.
• Air out assigned areas, after the extermination or pest control process, according to protocol.

Exterminator Apprentice
Exterminate Inc., Yonkers, NY | 2011-2013
• Assisted in locating pest infestations, by performing thorough inspections of assigned areas.
• Provided support for setting up equipment and tools to handle pest control and extermination activities.
• Set traps and baits, and ensured that invading pests were identified and dealt with accordingly.
• Accessed infested locations, and assisted in performing spraying operations.
• Cleaned and maintained pest control and extermination equipment and tools, proactively.

High School Diploma
Yonkers High School, Yonkers, NY