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Headache Leave Letter for Office

Getting sick is not in anyone’s control. Workload means that one can get a headache off and on. When one gets a headache, it is almost impossible to work. Whether you are at work or at home, when a headache strikes, you may need to ask for a leave.   To make sure that you… Read More »

Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student

Being a student is not easy. But the right teacher can make things wonderful, both academically, and personally. It a fact that teachers have a great negative or positive effect on students. If your teacher has had the latter, it is time to show some love.   An appreciation letter to your teacher, for all… Read More »

Sample Letter Stating That Someone Lives With You

There are many instances when you have to write a letter requiring you to state that someone lives with you. You may have to write one for your friend, or for a family member such as a son or daughter. Why would you want such kind of letter? There could be many reasons. For instance, the… Read More »

Proof of Residency Letter from Landlord

Proof of residency letter from a landlord will include information regarding a tenant living at a certain address. A tenant may want this letter for many purposes such as employment, visa, or program enrollment. Typically, a letter of this sort serves as proof that a person lives where he or she says they do. Technically,… Read More »

Emergency Leave Request for Tomorrow

An emergency leave requirement warrants a letter to your immediate supervisor. Even though you may feel that you can talk to him or her and take a day off, it’s always best to maintain a record. Writing an emergency leave application letter for the next day will require you to highlight the issue. What is… Read More »

Sample Apology Letter for Being Late at Work

Humans err. And it is okay to make mistakes as long as you apologize for them, and not make the same ones again. This is especially true where work is concerned. If you have been coming in late, you must apologize to your supervisor. Verbal apologies may not have the same effect as written ones.… Read More »