Best 3 Thank You Letters After Phone Interview

Updated on: March 26, 2022

An important gesture after you have successfully completed a telephone interview is to write a thank-you letter after a telephone interview.

This letter will be sent to the person who has taken your interview.

You will need to write that you are grateful that they took out the time to interview you, and further highlight your interest in the job.

Significance of a Thank You Letter After Telephone Interview

There is a greater chance of you being considered for the position if you follow up effectively.

A thank you letter will serve to help the hiring manager remember who you are, and what significant things you might have said during the interview time.

Also, it will help them understand that you are interested in the work, and may actually become a contributing part of the company.

Purpose of a Thank You Letter After a Phone Interview

The basic purpose of writing a thank you letter after a telephone interview has been conducted is to make sure that the hiring manager remembers the candidate.

Since interviewers interview many people in a day, it is often difficult to remember all of them. When they see a thank you letter, it is easy to be reminded of a certain candidate, and remember how well they stood out during the conversation.

Pattern and Format of a Thank You Letter After Telephonic Interview

Thank you letters need to follow a certain pattern – you start off by referring to the telephone conversation you had with the employer, and build up your case from thereon.

Specifically, you should mention that you were quite drawn to the position and the company because of the way it was projected to you over the telephone. You must also highlight the fact that you are a great contender for the job, by focusing on your skills and qualifications.

What is the Best way to Write a Thank You Letter After Phone Interview?

The best way of writing a good thank you letter is to keep taking notes during the interview.

Whichever point you feel is important, it should be jotted down so that you can refer to it later when writing the letter.

This will make the interviewer feel that you had been actively listening, and are therefore a good choice to hire.

The following thank you letter samples will provide you with some idea on how to word and format your own:

Thank You Letter After Phone Interview
(Sample 1)

Parisa Terrent
(000) 521-9565
parisa @ email . com

March 26, 2022

Mr. Ian Mason
Human Resources Manager
Fallacy Inc.
36 Macaron Road
Little Rock, AR51021

Dear Mr. Mason:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for interviewing me over the telephone for a Marketing Manager position at Fallacy Inc. I must admit that it was quite insightful talking to you over the telephone. The conversation has instilled in me a further desire to work for your organization and to contribute in many ways.

Positive that my enthusiasm was quite solid during our conversation, I would further like to build upon it. I bring strong communication skills, along with the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively. In addition to this, I present myself as an individual who can go several extra miles to get the job done.

With my ability to work well in a team environment, and solely, I will be able to meet deadlines effectively. Furthermore, I am a solid candidate for this position owing to an excellent ability to lead and mentor my team, encouraging them to meet both individual and company goals. Also, you will find me to be excellent where time management and project organization abilities are concerned. Moreover, my expertise in handling reporting work is excellent, and I can safely say my training period will be short and uneventful.

The main reason that I am positive that I am the best person to hire at this position is primarily my knowledge of the work, and a solid background in it. During our conversation, I could not help but match my skills with your requirements, as you spoke of them in great detail. And I am happy to say that the match is nothing less than perfect.

I appreciate the time that you took out to interview me. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in person soon. I hope to hear from you in the near future and will follow up with a call next week.


Parisa Terrent
(000) 521-9565

Administrative Assistant Telephone Interview Thank You Letter (Sample 2)

March 26, 2022

Mr. Jared McPhee
Human Resources Manager
Twin Borders
927 Rock Road SE
Dothan, AL 14012

Dear Mr. McPhee:

This is with reference to our telephone conversation this morning, where I was fortunate enough to find out more about the Administrative Assistant role at Twin Borders. The interview was highly perceptive, to say the least, and I am so grateful for the time and effort that you took to call me.

During the course of the telephone interview, I was listening intently, hoping to find out more about your company and its objectives. I am proud to say that I feel that I am already part of the organization, as the information provided to me was in absolute sync with my goals. I have great confidence that my educational background, experience, and expertise are a great match for this position.

You mentioned that you were actively looking for an individual who could do justice to the role in more ways than one. As someone who is trained to go the extra mile every time the going gets tough, I am sure that you will benefit greatly from my addition to your organization. I am filled with a constant sense of enthusiasm, and energy. My goal are always to meet deadlines, with an excellent focus on quality metrics.

Moreover, the office environment and company culture that you described during our conversation seems like a fantastic fit for me. Since I work extremely well in a dynamically charged and challenging environment, I am confident of my ability to contribute immediately, and in synchronization with your company’s goals and objectives.

I greatly appreciate the time that you spent with me over the telephone. I am sure that we can take this further during a second interview. If you feel the need for more information regarding my suitability, please feel free to contact me again.


Phillip Cotler

Thank You Letter After Telephone Interview (Sample 3)

March 26, 2022

Ms. Jennifer Wing
Human Resources Manager
The Great Getup Inc.
102 Pillar Road
Hershey, PA 29847

Dear Ms. Wing:

Thank you for interviewing me on telephone yesterday to discuss the position of Receptionist at The Great Getup Inc. I have been in constant awe of your work ever since I spoke to you and would like to work for your organization more than ever now.

The opportunity that you mentioned seems exciting on many levels. I already see myself as a working part of your organization. I am sure that with your guidance and mentoring, I will be able to reach your objectives in no time. Since I have had some experience in a similar role, I am sure that you will not need to put too much effort into training me. However, I still look forward to learning and working under your wing.

To reiterate my interest in the job, I would like to highlight the fact that I am a strong candidate due to several reasons. Firstly, I have the right length of experience that you are looking for. Then, I have performed duties associated with this role with as much fervor and dedication as you are seeking. In addition, I feel that I am a great candidate because of my commitment to my employer, and the conviction that I can contribute as smoothly as is expected of me. Moreover, I possess a solid track record of working in a timely manner, placing great focus on work processes and their execution.

In my present place of work, I am considered as a “go-to” person for everything, as people there depend highly on my skills to make their own work smooth. I feel that this quality has won me many accolades in the past, and will also be responsible for making me a great addition to any team in the future.

While we were speaking on the phone, I realized that you are looking for someone with great enthusiasm, dedication, and high self-confidence. I bring these and more to the table. I am positive that once we have met in person, you too will agree that my skill set is right in sync with your requirements. As I write this, I am already excited at the prospect of working with The Great Getup Inc.

In closing, I sincerely value the time you took out to speak to me. I will call you in two weeks’ time to allow you to complete the applicant review. If needed, you may call me at (000) 212-3145.


Samantha Garret

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