Sample Explanation Letter for Sleeping on Duty

Updated on: January 20, 2024

When an employee is caught sleeping on duty, it can reflect a lack of professionalism and dedication. In such situations, writing an explanation letter becomes crucial.

The following sample explanation letter provides an opportunity to apologize to the supervisor and offer a genuine explanation for the incident. It allows the employee to take responsibility, express remorse, and outline steps taken to prevent a recurrence.

In this sample, we will provide a clear template and guidance on how to address the issue, explain the reason behind the behavior, and show commitment toward improvement.

Sample Explanation Letter for Sleeping on Duty

January 20, 2024

Mr. Justin Hall
ABC Company
87 South Side Road
Georgetown, KY 67021

Dear Mr. Hall,

I am writing to formally apologize for the incident that occurred yesterday when you found me sleeping at my desk during work hours. I would like to express my extreme embarrassment and regret for my actions.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge that sleeping on duty is completely unacceptable and reflects a lack of professionalism and dedication. I understand the disappointment and frustration it must have caused you, and I genuinely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused to the company and my colleagues.

I would like to offer an explanation for my behavior. Over the past week, I have been experiencing severe difficulties with my sleep. I have been diagnosed with a medical condition called sleep apnea, which affects my ability to sleep properly and maintain alertness during the day. I have been seeking medical assistance and undergoing tests to determine the best course of treatment for my condition.

While I understand that my personal circumstances do not excuse my actions, I want to assure you that I am taking this matter very seriously. I recognize the importance of remaining fully engaged and productive while at work, and I am committed to rectifying any damage caused by this incident.

Moving forward, I intend to implement strategies to ensure that this situation does not repeat itself. This includes actively managing my sleep apnea condition, adhering to any prescribed treatment, and practicing better sleep hygiene. I am also willing to explore any additional measures or suggestions you may have to help prevent any disruptions to my work performance.

I sincerely hope that this incident doesn’t affect the professional relationship we have built, and I am eager to regain your trust. If there are any steps I can take to make amends or compensate for my lapse in judgment, please do not hesitate to let me know. I value my position in the company and the opportunity to contribute to its success.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration. I look forward to the possibility of discussing this matter further and working towards a resolution.


Christopher Mikhail
Administrative Assistant
ABC Company

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