Sample Explanation Letter for Sleeping on Duty

Updated: January 27, 2023

Sleeping while you are on duty is something that cannot be easily forgiven by a supervisor.

It shows that you are lazy and irresponsible.

However, if such an incident has occurred, you need to apologize to your boss.

Writing an explanation letter is important under such circumstances.

In your explanation letter, you should apologize for sleeping on duty, and then explain why it happened.

Make sure that you offer the truth so that the hiring manager does not find out a different version of the story from another individual.

Showing your actual problem or situation such as an inability to sleep at night, or a recently diagnosed disorder will help your case.

Showing that you are embarrassed about behaving this way is also important.

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Ensuring that you highlight the fact that you are taking measures not to let it happen again is also imperative to write in your explanation letter.

Sample Explanation Letter for Sleeping on Duty

January 27, 2023

Mr. Justin Hall
Griffin Ink Inc.
87 South Side Road
Georgetown, KY67021

Dear Mr. Hall:

I am writing to formally apologize for the fact that you found me sleeping at my desk, while I was supposed to be working. I can assure you that I have never been so mortified as I was when you woke me up and demanded an explanation.

At this point in time, I would like to explain why such an incident happened. I have been struggling to sleep at night for over a week now. I believe it has to do with a condition called sleep apnea, for which I am being tested by my physician. As soon as the results come out, I will go undergo treatment, and hopefully, this will be sorted out.

I am aware that any excuse about this incident seems futile, as it was quite an unprofessional thing to do while on duty. However, it was beyond my control at that point. But I will make sure that such an event does not transpire again, by remaining as active as possible I can while I am at work.

Please give me a chance to regain your trust in this matter. I am hoping that our professional bond has not broken due to this incident. And I would appreciate it if you would tell me how I can make it up to you.


Christopher Mikhail

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