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No Smoking Policy Memo Sample to Employees

Globally, employers are implementing rules to ensure that their organizations remain smoke-free. In order to communicate to employees that they cannot smoke while on company premises, it is imperative to write a memo. In the memo, it should be clearly mentioned that smoking is not allowed while emphasizing the consequences of smoking. Typically, a memo… Read More »

Personal Hygiene Memo Sample

Memos are the shortest and easiest ways to get your message across to employees. Where personal hygiene is concerned, a memo must definitely be written to your employees, especially if you have noticed that there is something missing in this regard. Because personal hygiene is a very important matter, especially in the days of COVID-19… Read More »

Letter to Employees to Keep the Office Clean

Keeping in touch with the office employees regarding internal official matters is important. Often, it is difficult to provide each employee with information, especially if it is a big organization. The best way to communicate with employees is to write a letter to all of them, broadcasting the same message in one go. However, writing… Read More »

Keep Kitchen Clean Memo Samples

Keeping the kitchen of your office or restaurant clean is part of customer services as well. Why? Well, in the event a customer demands to see your kitchen to ensure that he is being served food cooked in a clean place, showing a shining kitchen can win you many brownie points. In your office, you… Read More »

Sample Memo to Keep the Office Clean

In order to maintain the cleanliness and order of the office, it is a good idea to distribute a memo to office staff regarding the cleanliness of the office. That is especially true in these days to minimize the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus. By writing a small memo, your office will become a shining clean, and… Read More »