Sample Letter of Explanation for Negligence of Duty

Updated: June 12, 2023

Neglecting your duties can be unforgivable at times.

A lot depends on employees’ work, and if one employee does not do their work properly, it can have a negative effect on customers, and the organization.

If such a thing has transpired from your end, you must write a letter of explanation to your supervisor or employer.

In an explanation letter for neglect of duty, you should mention the main reason why such a thing happened. If it was beyond your control, you need to explain exactly how.

If it was something that could have been controlled, you should highlight what measures you will take in the future to ensure that it does not happen again.

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Start with how you found out that you were being put on a pedestal because of your negligence – you may have received a warning letter, or been told verbally.

Then, write a letter, something similar to this one:

Sample Letter of Explanation for Negligence of Duty

June 12, 2023

Mr. Nathan Binder
Jason’s Inc.
4862 Deed Road
Park City, UT 25743

Dear Mr. Binder:

In reference to the warning letter that I received from you stating negligence on my part regarding the task assigned to me, I am writing to explain my situation. Firstly, I would like to point out that I have been working with Jason’s Inc for over 3 years now and have an excellent employment record.

The task assigned to me was an extremely complex one to handle. However, I have been diligently trying to meet the set deadline, by putting in extra hours and effort. Nonetheless, I understand that it seems that there has been some negligence on my part, for which I genuinely apologize. I do not want to place the blame on anyone else.

I am extremely sorry for the repercussions this has had on the company’s reputation. Before I received your letter, I was in the process of placing some ground rules so that such a thing does not happen again. I am positive that I can make amends for this issue as well, provided that you give me the opportunity to do it.

In view of an excellent past record, I request a second chance. I am sure that I will not disappoint you again.


Sam Neil
Administrative Assistant
Jason’s Inc.

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