Personal Hygiene Memo Sample

Updated: February 2, 2023

Memos are the shortest and easiest ways to get your message across to employees.

Where personal hygiene is concerned, a memo must definitely be written to your employees, especially if you have noticed that there is something missing in this regard.

As personal hygiene is a very important matter, especially in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, it is important to choose your words correctly.

Straightforwardly saying that people need to stay clean will not work in most cases.

What else does a personal hygiene memo say?

Well, we agree that this is tricky, however, there are ways of saying it subtly.

Since you will not be addressing just one person, it will be deemed as an “overall” announcement.

And it won’t offend anyone. Some employees may even be thankful, especially if they have to deal with bad smells and dirty surfaces on a daily basis.

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In your memo, do not highlight just one hygiene issue. Talk about all that prevails.

If you are looking for a sample, here is one:

Personal Hygiene Memo Page Image

Personal Hygiene Memo Sample

February 2, 2023

Re: Personal Hygiene

This memo is being circulated to address a very sensitive matter. Since there are 542 employees working in different departments within our company, it is important that we all look out for each other’s interests.

It has come to my knowledge that there is a lack of personal hygiene awareness amongst some of the employees, which makes it very difficult for others to work around them.

This memo does not aim to disrespect or offend anyone. Rather, I want to spread awareness of personal hygiene in the workplace.

Please refer to the following:

a) Hand washing and sanitizing

Owing to the nature of our work, it is important that all employees wash their hands as often as they can so that they do not contaminate the workplace. Using hand sanitizers is also encouraged.

b) Clothing

It is imperative to wear clean clothes to work every day. Even though all employees are required to wear smocks when working, it is a good idea to carry an extra set of clothes.

c) Showering

Our office provides the facility of shower cabins. Please use them, especially if your clothes have been soiled.

d) Personal Grooming

It is imperative for all employees to wear clean and pressed clothes at all times. Neat and well-groomed hair, beards, mustaches, and nails are encouraged as well.

I thank you all who took the time to read this. Together, we can make [Company Name] a great place to work in.

Best regards,

Rafael Hall
Balsam Fisheries

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