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No Smoking Policy Memo Sample to Employees

Globally, employers are implementing rules to ensure that their organizations remain smoke-free. In order to communicate to employees that they cannot smoke while on company premises, it is imperative to write a memo. In the memo, it should be clearly mentioned that smoking is not allowed while emphasizing the consequences of smoking. Typically, a memo… Read More »

Best 3 Thank You Letters After Telephone Interview

The following thank you letter samples will provide you with some idea on how to word and format your own: Telephone Technician Cover Letter Sample Telephone Operator Job Description for Resume Telephone Operator Cover Letter Sample Top 42 Telephone Operator Interview Questions and Answers Telephone Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Employee of the Month Recommendation Letter Sample

Recommending an employee for employee of the month title may require you to write a letter of recommendation. This is written as internal communication from one decision-maker to another in order to provide information about the said employee’s achievements and contribution to the company. Writing a letter of recommendation to convince a decision-maker to name… Read More »

Bank Loan Application Cover Letter Example

Most bank applications will require you to write a cover letter in order to apply for a loan. A letter of this sort needs to provide information about why you are applying for the loan in the first place.   Apart from your reasons to apply for the loan, you need to also mention where… Read More »

Sample Demand Letter for Wrongful Termination

One of the worst things that can happen to you is if someone has wrongfully fired you from your position within an organization. And this happens more often than you think. In such a case, you can write a demand or grievance letter to contest the wrongful termination.   How to Write a Demand Letter… Read More »

Personal Hygiene Memo Sample

Memos are the shortest and easiest ways to get your message across to an employee body. Where personal hygiene is concerned, a memo must definitely be written to your employees, especially if you have noticed that there is something missing in this regard. Since personal hygiene is a sensitive matter, especially in the days of… Read More »

Headache Leave Letter for Office

Getting sick is not in anyone’s control. Workload means that one can get a headache off and on. When one gets a headache, it is almost impossible to work. Whether you are at work or at home, when a headache strikes, you may need to ask for a leave.   To make sure that you… Read More »