Employee of the Month Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: July 14, 2020

Recommending an employee for employee of the month title may require you to write a letter of recommendation.

This is written as internal communication from one decision-maker to another in order to provide information about the said employee’s achievements and contribution to the company.

Writing a letter of recommendation to convince a decision-maker to name someone as an employee of the month will require you to offer a great amount of information.

For instance, it is imperative to show that the employee whom you’re recommending is someone who really deserves the title.

In your recommendation letter, mention the several reasons that you believe that this individual is worth being considered.

Explain your reasons. Provide as much detail as possible.

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You may refer to the following letter of recommendation sample to gain ideas:

Sample Recommendation Letter for Employee of the Month 

July 14, 2020

Mr. Gary Miner
Human Resources Director
Optima Retail Services
4525 Beach Avenue
New York City, NY 54122

Subject: Employee of the Month Recommendation

Dear Mr. Miner:

This is with reference to Mr. John Stamos, who has been working as a sales officer under my wing for the past 2 years. I would like to recommend him for the “employee of the month” title as I truly believe that he deserves it.

Owing to the constant and consistent contribution to the sales department of our company, Mr. Stamos is a great credit to us. He has been trying hard to meet all the sales goals that have been assigned to him. In fact, he achieved quite a lot in the last month. To be specific, Mr. Stamos has exceeded sales goals assigned to him in the last 3 months, which has had a considerable effect on our overall sales. He even managed to retain a corporate client, even in the wake of extremely tough competition. Moreover, he is thorough with hi, work, and leaves no stone unturned in order to meet his goals and objectives.

Not only has Mr. Stamos contributed to increasing revenue, but he has also been a great source of information and assistance to newly hired individuals, often helping with induction processes. Also, his sales trend and competitive market research have been invaluable to our organization.

I believe that Mr. Stamos is the right person for the employee of the month title this month. This will encourage him to perform even better and is only fair due to his immense effort and commitment to the organization. If you need any further information to help you decide in his favor, please call me at (000) 521-6578.


Stephanie Cooper
Sales Manager
Aptma Retail Services

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