Sample Demand Letter for Wrongful Termination

Updated on: April 28, 2019

One of the worst things that can happen to you is if someone has wrongfully fired you from your position within an organization.

And this happens more often than you think. In such a case, you can write a demand or grievance letter to contest the wrongful termination.


How to Write a Demand Letter for Wrongful Termination?

First of all, you must carefully determine how you have been wronged. It is pertinent to acquire proof of the contrary.

This is because you must have something to prove that you should not have been terminated. Office politics or wrong judgments can be causes of you being terminated from your position.

Make sure that you highlight the reasons why you feel that you were wronged.

Typically, a demand letter is written by a lawyer and aims to give the employer leeway to negate the decision, failing which, he or she may be in for a lawsuit.

In some circumstances, the lawyer may request the employer to change the termination into a voluntary resignation. In others, a positive reference from the employer may be required. In many circumstances, an employee writes his or her own demand letter.

Here is a demand letter for wrongful termination that you can go through:


Sample Demand Letter for Wrongful Termination


April 28, 2019

Mrs. Linda George
Human Resources Manager
Tech Wood Corporation
6458 Lilly Road
Lake Charles, LA 36749


Dear Mrs. George:

I am writing this letter to lodge a formal demand to retract my termination from the position of a sales manager. I believe that I have been grossly wronged by the management on many levels, and require immediate withdrawal of this decision.

The provisions that you made in my termination letter are not based on facts. In fact, some of them are so farfetched that they can only be untrue. For instance, the one that says that I have been involved in misconduct does not elaborate on the incident or the people involved. I would like to contest this, as I never received a warning, which is the right way of doing things.

Also, the termination letter states that I have been coming in late for 2 weeks. My time log says otherwise. I have a copy of the log which I am attaching with this letter. If you compare it with your logs, I am sure that you will receive a different picture from what you have been told.

I request a response to this letter within 2 weeks of its receipt, failing which, I will have no choice but to think about alternative legal actions.




Katherine Slider

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