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To Whom It May Concern Letter Sample

When you don’t know who is the receiver of a letter, then you head it as to whom it may concern. But you cannot write a letter of this type in all situations. Mostly, these letters are written for reference and visa purposes. In order to write a to whom it may concern letter, it… Read More »

Sample Solicitation Letter for Christmas Party Donations

A solicitation letter, especially if written for Christmas party donations, must be well-structured. It should start on an interesting note to pique the donor’s interest.   However, writing solicitation letters is not always easy. After all, you are asking for something, and not really offering anything in return. It is important to remember to focus… Read More »

Letter to Employees to Keep the Office Clean

Keeping in touch with the office employees regarding internal official matters is important. Often, it is difficult to provide each employee with information, especially if it is a big organization. The best way to communicate with employees is to write a letter to all of them, broadcasting the same message in one go. However, writing… Read More »

Rejection Letter Due to Employee Contract

Many reasons may transpire in you rejecting a job offer. Mostly, it is because you did not like or agree with something in the contract. Or it could be because you do not want to sign a contract because you don’t want to be bound by it. In any case, it is essential that you… Read More »

Motivation Letter to Retain an Employee

Good employees are hard to find. And they are even harder to retain. It is quite a task for employers to keep staff members, especially in this time of great competition. But it is best if employers ensure that the employees that are already hired and trained are retained. But how? There are several ways… Read More »

No Income Letter Sample

There are many instances where you may be required to provide proof that you are not earning anything at the moment, and/or do not expect to earn for some time in the future. Why would you need one? Well, again, you might require it for a number of reasons including applying for benefits or disability… Read More »

Negotiating Salary in Acceptance Letter

Once you receive notification that says that you have been accepted for a position for which you spent a great amount of time and effort, you will need to sign an acceptance letter. The offer letter that you receive along with the acceptance letter, will hold details of your salary and benefits. Signing the acceptance… Read More »

Letter of Interest for Job Opening within Current Company

Hiring an employee from within the company is a lot better than looking for someone from external sources (hiring agencies and through job adverts). People who are already working in your organization are familiar with the office culture and company policies and often need minimal training. You are in luck if you have stumbled upon… Read More »