If you want to retain the services of your employees in long run, you should not be miser where appreciation is concerned. If you feel that an employee is indispensable and has had made a significant contribution to your organization, you must give them an appreciation letter.

Appreciation letters are written keeping in mind several things. What do you want to achieve from an appreciation letter? Motivating an employee is very important as motivation is essential for productive output. You could also write an appreciation letter when you want the employee to perform well in a future project.

Take a look at a sample appreciation letter for an employee who has done extremely well in a project.


Appreciation Letter to Employee for Good Performance


September 29, 2015

Ms. Zelda Cannon
Project Manager
Kensa Inc
77 Kapok Street
Tampa, FL 88841


Dear Ms. Cannon:

On behalf of the Kensa’s management, I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by you on the K6I project. The endless hours that you have spent working on this project, and the professionalism that you have portrayed has impressed the entire team immensely and we deem ourselves honored to have had you as a project head.

We had been following each process of this project as it was one of the most important ones that we have done thus far and its success was of the utmost importance to us. Seeing your diligence, self motivation and focus has been a source of motivation for the rest of the team as we see a positive air in the department. We hope that this positivity flows into every day work and subsequent projects as well.

We are expecting another project of this intensity and would like you to head it as well so that we can be sure of its success following your ability to be absolutely dedicated. Thank you once again for all your effort especially since you worked weekends as well.


Best Regards,


Alice Cameron
Kensa Inc
(000) 989-6754
alicw @ kensa . com