Appreciation Letter to Employee for Good Customer Service

Updated on: September 26, 2020

An employee who has done a great service to the company or its customers is a great asset. And it is important to retain this asset, by appreciating their good work.

Hence, an appreciation letter should be written to the employee, highlighting their specific achievements, and letting them know that they are important to the company.

In order to write an appreciation letter to an employee who has provided great customer services, you must first determine the employee’s specific achievements.

If they have been praised by a customer, it is important to highlight it in your letter. Anything that is worthy of being commended should be part of your appreciation letter. This could include appreciation for the time that the employee went out of their way to help a client with information, or even staying back after hours to complete a project.

To see how you can write an appreciation letter to an employee who has provided excellent customer services, take a look at the following sample:

Sample Letter of Appreciation to Employee for Good Customer Service

September 26, 2020

Mr. Mikkel Neilson
Customer Support Representative
ABC Company
47 8th Avenue
Point Pleasant, WV 48621

Dear Mr. Neilson:

I am writing this letter on behalf of ABC Company and would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you for completing 5 years in our company. We have always appreciated the wonderful services that you have provided on behalf of the organization. Working with you has been a great positive verity for our company.

Today, I am specifically writing to appreciate the recent contact that you had with one of our key clients. Both your supervisor and I are highly impressed by the way you handled the deal, providing the client with information and support beyond expectations. You were kind enough to go out of your way to gain new business from the client while maintaining his account with us. The weekends and overtime that you have put in have not gone unnoticed.

In view of this, the company board has decided to give you a bonus, in addition to your yearly one. This is primarily for your hard work and the extra effort that you put into everything. We are convinced that you will work with such dedication and sincerity in the future as well.

We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Sincere regards,

Tag Pollock
Human Resources Director
ABC Company


Appreciation Letter to Employee for Good Performance

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