Sample Orientation Letter for New Employee

Updated on: June 4, 2019

An orientation letter will go a long way toward ensuring that a new employee begins his job confidently and making him or her comfortable in new surroundings.

An orientation letter serves to provide a first impression of the company and also acts as an icebreaker.


If you want to retain the services of an employee, in the long run, make sure that his induction into the company is positive.

New employees usually depend on an orientation to make them understand their surroundings better.

It also serves to provide general information and details of key members of the company.

The aim of this type of letter is not only to welcome a new employee but to provide him with information about what is what within the company.


If a new employee has this information, s/he will need little time to understand and adjust during a physical orientation.

There is no set format used to write an orientation letter – every company uses a different one, and every employer can choose what to write.

A basic sample of an orientation letter is given below.


Sample Orientation Letter for New Employee


Dear Mr. Cartrip:

I would like to welcome you as part of our marketing team at HKA Enterprises. The department is delighted that you are joining us as a Marketing Manager from next week and would like this opportunity to hail your input.

With the passage of time, you will become more comfortable in your new role. Until then, we will do all that we can to make your transition into the company smooth. You will be directly inducted into the Mars Marketing project from which we anticipate you will learn much about HKA Enterprises and its presence in the market. Your direct supervisor will be Ms. Gwen Hendley who will provide you with initial training and support. Cubicle # 44 has been assigned to your work area. You may set it up as you wish.

I understand that the first few weeks at a new job are always confusing and critical, so we encourage you to ask questions about anything that you do not understand. A set of instructions and preliminary project information is enclosed with this letter which will help you know your work better. If you have any further questions or apprehensions, please feel free to contact me at (333) 333-3333.

Again, I welcome you to HKA enterprises and anticipate this to be the beginning of a long and fruitful work relationship.




Patrick Swatch
Human Resources Manager
HKA Enterprises
(333) 333-3333

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