20 CNA Achievements for Resume

Updated on: April 7, 2024
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As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), including accomplishments and achievements on your resume can greatly enhance your chances of landing your desired job. Employers are not just looking for the right qualifications, but also for individuals who have made a quantifiable impact in their previous roles.

By highlighting your accomplishments, you can demonstrate your successful record of providing exceptional care to patients.

On this page, we will provide you with 20 impressive CNA accomplishments and achievements examples. Consider including 4-5 of these types of achievements to your resume.

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20 Sample Achievements and Accomplishments for CNA Resume

1. Increased patient satisfaction rate by 15% by consistently providing high-quality care and addressing patient concerns promptly.

2. Administered medications to an average of 20 patients per shift, ensuring accurate dosage and adherence to medication schedules.

3. Reduced patient wait times by 30% by implementing an efficient triage system.

4. Achieved 100% compliance with infection control protocols, resulting in zero incidents of healthcare-associated infections during assigned shifts.

5. Assisted in the successful completion of 50+ successful patient transfers, ensuring seamless continuity of care.

6. Implemented and documented evidence-based fall prevention strategies, resulting in a 40% reduction in patient falls within six months.

7. Conducted respiratory assessments and administered respiratory treatments to an average of 15 patients per day, maintaining optimal respiratory health.

8. Collaborated with nursing staff to achieve a 20% increase in patient mobility and independence through consistent implementation of rehabilitation plans.

9. Contributed to a cost-saving initiative by effectively managing medical supplies, resulting in a 15% reduction in supply expenses.

10. Performed an average of 10 EKG tests per week with 100% accuracy, providing valuable diagnostic information for healthcare providers.

11. Maintained a 99% accuracy rate in documenting vital signs, ensuring precise and reliable data for healthcare decision-making.

12. Assisted in the successful resuscitation of a critically ill patient, contributing to a 100% survival rate during the assigned shift.

13. Coordinated and facilitated group therapy sessions for patients, promoting socialization and emotional well-being.

14. Developed and implemented a wound care plan that resulted in a 50% reduction in wound healing time for patients.

15. Performed infection control audits, identifying and rectifying 100% of identified deficiencies within designated timeframes.

16. Maintained a 98% accuracy rate in documenting patient intake and output, ensuring accurate fluid balance monitoring.

17. Assisted in the insertion and care of indwelling catheters for an average of 10 patients per month, minimizing the risk of urinary tract infections.

18. Contributed to a team effort in achieving a 95% patient discharge rate within 24 hours of medical clearance, improving patient flow and bed availability.

19. Supported patients in achieving optimal nutrition by accurately monitoring and recording food and fluid intake daily.

20. Successfully performed CPR on a patient, contributing to a 100% recovery rate during the assigned shift.

How to Write Achievements on a CNA Resume?

When writing achievements on a CNA resume, it is important to highlight the impact of the duty you performed. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write achievements effectively:

1. Quantify your accomplishments:

Whenever possible, include numbers or percentages to quantify the extent of your achievements. This provides concrete evidence of your success and helps employers understand the value you bring. For example, instead of saying “improved patient satisfaction,” you can say “increased patient satisfaction scores by 15%.”

2. Focus on the impact:

Highlight the positive outcomes or changes that resulted from your actions. This could be improved patient care, increased efficiency, or cost savings. Describe how your contributions made a difference in the healthcare setting. For instance, instead of stating “assisted in patient transfers,” mention “successfully completed 50+ patient transfers, ensuring seamless continuity of care.”

3. Be specific yet detailed:

Provide specific examples of tasks or responsibilities you undertook as a CNA, and explain how you excelled in those areas. Use strong and action-oriented language to showcase your abilities. Instead of simply stating “administered medications,” say “administered medications to an average of 20 patients per shift, ensuring accurate dosage and adherence to medication schedules.”

Remember, your achievements should be concise, relevant, and focused on showcasing your abilities as a CNA. By following these steps, you can effectively communicate your value and stand out as a strong candidate.


Including accomplishments and achievements on your CNA resume is crucial for showcasing your skills and making a positive impact on potential employers. By quantifying your achievements, focusing on the impact, being specific and detailed, highlighting relevant skills, and providing context, you can effectively communicate your value as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Use this comprehensive guide to inspire and enhance your resume, increasing your chances of landing your desired job.

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