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Updated on: May 18, 2021

In a busy world where most of us do not have time for anything out of our circle of comfort, appreciation is considered a thing of the past.

Just two decades ago, people made extraordinary efforts to write thank you notes for the littlest of gestures such as gifts or help that they received from others.

In these days of booming technology, thank you emails are seldom written – even though writing emails is far more comfortable than writing actual letters or notes and posting them.

Many of us emphasize the fact that appreciation emails should be written as they serve many purposes.

Not only are they are a business norm, but they also provide you with a good chance of being remembered positively by the person you are writing to and maybe enlisting their help in the future as well.

There is no standard recipe to write an appreciative email message. Depending on what situation have you writing an appreciation email in the first place, you can write anything.

Appreciation email messages can be written in many cases, such as:

  1. Appreciating a fellow employee for help with a project
  2. Thank you to a supervisor for commending you on your work
  3. Thank you to a manager for proposing your name for a promotion
  4. Appreciating a subordinate’s work progress

The list goes on and on. Just to get a feel for what an appreciation email message entails, let us have a look at the following sample:

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Email Appreciation Message Sample

To: Mr. Gary Wascom

Email Subject: Appreciation

Dear Mr. Wascom:

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate your immense effort and support that you provided me with during the Axen Marketing Project. Your input and suggestions made the project successful, and I am very grateful for it.

There were a few things that I noticed during our short (but intense) liaison which I would like to give you feedback on. Your professionalism left me amazed as I saw you work day in and day out to make this project a roaring success. This, in addition to your tireless efforts to train my team to work as well as you do, was a great motivation for both the team and me, from which I am positive much has been learned.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your input these last three months. I anticipate working with you in the future as well and look forward to an opportunity soon. Please let me know if I can return the favor by assisting in any of your projects.

Best regards,

Kimberly West

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