Sample Appreciation Letter to Team for Good Work

Updated on: April 13, 2022

Appreciating your team’s work is an excellent way of motivating them to reach their objectives.

While many companies resort to negative motivation tactics, they don’t always work.

What does work is appreciation – if your team has met a goal or is performing exceptionally well, let them know you appreciate it.

No one likes constantly working without a pat from their bosses. If you are in a position where you can provide your team with a backup treatment, do not hesitate.

A simple letter from you stating that you appreciate the effort that the team has put in will work wonders for their morale.

What should an appreciation letter include?

Well, depending on how valuable a team’s input in a project was, talk about future goals or any bonuses or rewards that you may have decided to give to the team.

Your letter should be full of hope and constructive advice.

Since you will be writing to more than one person, address your letter to the team. You do not need to put in any introduction – your team will know who you are.

Get straight to the point. Here is a sample you can take ideas from.

Sample Appreciation Letter to Team for Good Work

April 13, 2022

Dear Team Members:

On behalf of the entire management of Geox, I would like to congratulate you all on the successful completion of Project Mark 10. This project marks the end of an era as the company is now at its zenith and we anticipate further growth in the near future.

The dedication, hard work, and extra hours that you all have put in during the past three months have made us all see this triumphant day. I have already received congratulatory letters from our sister company, JS Jox – all these letters acknowledge your hard work and diligence.

To make this success even more joyful for the team, I am announcing a 10% rise in salaries from April 2022 onwards. While this remuneration is nothing compared to hundreds of extra hours taken out of family time, I would like to show my appreciation through this act and hope that you all will accept it in good faith.

I am proud of every one of you and hope that the direction this team has taken will remain so for the next project as well.

Thank you once again for being a fantastic team!


Jerry McGuire
Managing Director