Appreciation Mail to Team Member

Updated on: March 5, 2019

People work hard to achieve goals and please their managers.

And if a worker does something outstanding, it is always a good idea to send an appreciate mail to him or her.

When you do this, you are automatically encouraging and motivating the individual to do more next time around.

Writing an appreciation mail is not a big thing. But it can bring about big results. And it is not too difficult to write one either.

All that an appreciation email includes is why a manager or supervisor is proud of the staff member. Yes, that is all that you have to write.

Of course, you cannot just say I am proud of you and be done with it! A little detail about what exactly it is that you are proud of needs to be highlighted.

If there is a certain incident, refer to it. If it is overall appreciation, talk about specifics.

Here is a sample appreciation mail, written to a team member:


Appreciation Mail to Team Member


Subject: Appreciation


Dear Ms. Albert:

It gives me great pleasure to write this email to you. As you are aware, Project Patty is quite important to me, and I had been worrying about its progress from day 1! The entire Project Patty team has done a wonderful job of bringing it to fruition. And I highly appreciate everyone’s efforts.

However, I feel that you were the prime reason that this project was brought to completion so quickly, and with such professionalism. During the time that all of us were diligently working towards getting things done, I saw a spark in your work that I haven’t seen elsewhere. You were focused much more than anyone else, and you knew exactly which module to prioritize. Actually, I found your enthusiasm and positive outlook to be infectious, as many other team members followed your lead.

The fact that you managed to lead this project in such a professional manner gives me great hope that future ones will be handled with as much enthusiasm and hard work. I have 5 other projects in the pipeline, 4 of which I would like to assign to you as a project lead.

Thank you for putting in such great effort, and so much time. I truly appreciate your hard work and diligence.



Mike Preston
Project Head
World Protection Services

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