Hospital orderlies are required to perform non-medical duties within a hospital. While they work directly with patients, they are not expected to be medically savvy although an orderly medical knowledge is always welcome in a hospital environment!

Hospital orderlies answer patient calls, transport patients from one place to another, assist patients with grooming, eating, dressing and other personal needs. They are also expected to clean hospital rooms and change bed linens and in some cases are also expected to reemphasize on the instructions provided by the doctor or the nurse.

If you are a high school graduate and have a helpful nature, you may want to work as a hospital orderly. Take a look at the following cover letter that may help you in applying for this position.


Hospital Orderly Cover Letter Sample


George Brunt

3667 Merwyn Road • Jacksonville, FL 83933 • Cell: (941) 999-999 • Email:

July 26, 2015

Ms. Camela Parker
Manager Human Resources
Sava Healthcare
39 Filmore Street
Jacksonville, FL 99999


Dear Ms. Parker:

Compassion — Care — Quickness

These are only several of the characteristics I offer Sava Healthcare in the role of an Orderly. I am a recent high school graduate who possesses great enthusiasm for working in a healthcare facility. This interest stemmed from working in the school dispensary over three summers and with acquiring some exposure to healthcare arena, I would now like to utilize my skills in a hospital setting.

I was always commended by my teachers on the impeccable way through which I handled assigned tasks. I have the physical stamina that is needed to lift and transport patients and equipment and can manage most housekeeping jobs in an efficient manner. My sympathetic nature helps me attending to patients effectively.

I would like to explore this opportunity further which is why I believe that a meeting is a must. I would also like to hear your views about the criterion you have set for this position and convince you that I meet it perfectly. To follow-up, I will call you after two weeks.

Thank you for your consideration.



George Brunt

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