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Sample Email for Sending References

Emails are used for several purposes – mostly, emails are used as a communication tool between professionals. So whether it is information that you need or want to give to someone, or you want to communicate a plan, an email is the way to go forward! There is one more instance when an email comes… Read More »

Sample Email for Sending Cover Letter and Resume

Gone are the days when cover letters and resumes were sent out sealed in envelopes, addressed to the recipient, and put into the mailbox. While some people still do this – especially when hiring managers require them to specifically send cover letters and resumes in a “paper form” – mostly, these job application documents are… Read More »

Unplanned Leave Email to Manager | Sample & Guidelines

Taking unplanned leave can sometimes be unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances. In such situations, it is essential to inform your manager promptly and professionally. Writing an effective email is crucial to convey the reason for your sudden absence, the expected duration of your leave, and any necessary arrangements. This page provides a sample and guidelines… Read More »