Teacher Appreciation Letter from the Principal

Updated on: August 29, 2022

As a principal, it is your duty to praise a teacher so that he or she knows that they are appreciated for their efforts. An appreciated teacher will work ever so much more.

An appreciation letter has to be written in detail. Not only do appreciation letters tell teachers what their efforts mean to the school, but they also motivate them to do better.

If you are a principal wanting to write an appreciation letter, you may want to read what we have to say. Typically, an appreciation letter is a sugar and spice and all things nice!

If there is a specific reason for you to write an appreciation letter such as a teacher’s specific accomplishment, mention that.

In your appreciation letter, highlight the many reasons that you feel the teacher deserves accolades. 

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Here is a sample appreciation letter that you can use as a reference:

Sample Teacher Appreciation Letter from the Principal

August 29, 2022

Ms. Hermione Hunter
English Teacher
St. Bertrand’s High School
76 Fifth Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 19378

Dear Ms. Hunter:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort and time that you have put into the school in recent years. It is because of your presence and contribution that the school had thrived as much as it has.

St. Bertrand’s High School has been in existence for 24 years now. Many teachers have come and gone, but only a few have made their mark. You are one of them. Owing to the countless positive feedback from parents, I feel that I must highlight how much you’ve given to the school and its students.

Last week, I received a letter from one of your students who went into great detail about how you managed to help her through the worst academic year of her life. And you made it possible for her to make it to the end, and pass her exam with flying colors. I have also had reports of how smoothly you’ve helped students in realizing their potential, and assuring them that the school is a safe haven.

In addition, your contribution in terms of curriculum development and lesson planning is truly appreciated by me and my team. Thank you so much for thinking of the school as your own, as you tirelessly work for its betterment. I truly appreciate your presence and exceptional work.

Sincere regards,

Edwin Horace
St. Bertrand’s High School

One thought on “Teacher Appreciation Letter from the Principal


    It’s true and correct reality on the part of all Teachers and the Principal.
    I do hope it would continue to do so by all of them.
    Everyone should appreciate their efforts.


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