Parks Recreation Director Job Description Sample

Updated on: May 31, 2019

Position Overview

The array of beautiful trees and the well organized green areas you see around you when you venture out in your city are all because of the efforts of parks recreation directors.

They plan and direct the activities of their teams by managing citywide recreation programs in the great outdoors.


Their work is to train, supervise and evaluate the performance of people working under them to ensure that recreation objectives of a city are met.

Parks recreation directors are responsible for general construction and maintenance work of park areas, which is why they are required to have a solid background and keen understanding of horticulture and construction to some extent.

For new facilities, parks recreation directors plan and supervise facility design from the very beginning of the project.

They also create and maintain liaison with the many commissions involved in parks recreation work so that their work becomes smooth.


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The following list of duties provides a comprehensive overview of a parks recreation director’s work.


Parks Recreation Director Job Description Example

• Plan, formulate, and implement both short term and long term objectives for recreation activities in parks.

• Ensure proper building and rebuilding of “greens” in and around parks to provide a visibly beautiful view of the city.

• Organize and direct all events and activities of the department of parks and recreation within a town.

• Handle ongoing development of ongoing parks and recreational plans in a bid to meet assigned goals.

• Establish operating policies of parks recreation and ensure appropriate implementation of them.

• Interview, train, and develop parks and recreation staff.

• Deploy staff on different sites to meet the city’s recreational objectives.

• Prepare and review operating budgets.

• Ensure that capital improvement budgets are approved in time.

• Develop requests for proposals and grant applications.

• Monitor the use of funds in an economical manner.

• Make plans for construction, repair, and maintenance of parks and facilities.

• Coordinate efforts with other agencies to acquire assistance for recreation events and community functions.

• Enlist volunteers for recreation event and train them to achieve goals.

• Ensure that repair work on parks is handled within allocated budgets.

• Approve purchase of supplies.

• Manage handle inventories for recreational programs.

• Appropriately respond to complaints and suggestions.

• Assist in marketing and promotional activities.

• Handle the logistics of insurance agreements for recreation programs.

• Manage proposals for long-term capital improvements and development of facilities.

• Ensure effective delivery of recreational activities by following set guidelines.

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