Security Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 8, 2021

Cover letters for Security Supervisor Resume can make or break your chances of working with the organization of your dreams!

Many candidates consider cover letters as just a piece of paper that no one reads; in actuality, cover letters get read more than resumes do. Typically, an employer will make at least half a decision to hire you by reading your cover letter.

This is the main reason that we emphasize writing good cover letters that appeal not only to the eye of the employer but also meet the purpose of your application.

What does a good cover letter for a Security Supervisor entail?

This is a question many have asked, and many have answered, but mere words may not be able to describe it. 

The following sample will provide you with a “picture” of a cover letter that may be worth many words!

Sample Cover Letter for Security Supervisor Position

Carl Sams
9023 Woodmont Avenue, Detroit, MI 47345
(000) 121-3243

October 8, 2021

Mr. Jim Hogan
Human Resources Manager
Benchmark Resorts and Hotels
637 Fullerton Avenue
Detroit, MI 63711

Dear Mr. Hogan:

Professional, efficient, and approachable are three words that have been used extensively to describe my services as a security professional over the 9 years that I have worked in this arena. I would like to bring this experience and professionalism to Benchmark Resorts and Hotels by offering my services as a Security Supervisor.

In summer 2020, I took the initiative of enrolling myself in a program called “Panic Button,” which was a specialized program for law enforcement personnel. These three months have prepared me well in handling tricky situations that are often part of our work as security personnel. I am now able to maintain a sense of calm even in the most adverse circumstances and can assist people in minimizing their panic too. For obvious reasons, I am now quite conversant in handling an organization’s security needs by employing methods that denote both prevention and safety.

My background in physical security and management is another competency that makes me eligible for the position of Security Supervisor. Having led a team of 20 security workers, I am well acquainted with teamwork and possess the leadership qualities that this role requires of me. Maintaining in-depth knowledge of access control points, verifying clearances, and perimeter patrol activities are also virtues that make me eligible for this position.

I can be reached at (000) 121-3243 if you require any further information from me. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in person soon.


Carl Sams

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