Appreciation Email to Team Member for Good Work

Updated on: June 1, 2022

Work done well should never go unappreciated.

Especially when you are in a position where your appreciation will mean the world to a team member – and will probably make him work even better the next time.

It is not very difficult to send a formal appreciation email to a team member who has performed exceptionally. A few paragraphs of “thank you” and “good work” will suffice.

When you appreciate someone for the work that they have done, you are automatically making way for him to perform even better the next time. So this circle will keep going.

And you wouldn’t mind exceptional work coming from someone whom you are supervising, would you? Of course not!

What does one write in an appreciation email?

Basically anything one wants to. Reference to the event or series of events that made you realize how well the team member has done is foremost.

You can then go on to appreciate his or her manner of working and the results that it produced, followed by an announcement of a possible reward or bonus. And you are done!

Here is a sample appreciation email that you can refer to:

Sample Appreciation Email to Team Member for Good Work

To: Kevin Ramos 
CC: Exline Sales Team

Subject: Commendation for Kevin Ramos

Dear Mr. Ramos:

While going through the annual sales report, I came across an astounding fact – you have independently managed to increase Exline sales by a whopping 55% this year! Having followed your sales efforts over the previous 6 months, I am pleased to say that I am very impressed with your dedication to work and would like to thank you for putting in extra time during the Sales Haul this year.

I have received many compliments and commendations from happy customers lately, and most of them have taken your name. It makes me proud to know that you have been representing the company flawlessly. As a gesture of appreciation, I am announcing a 15% bonus, which will be added to your monthly payout next month. Additionally, I will be suggesting your name for a possible promotion to a sales manager position, which I believe you are eligible for at this time.

Thank you for your unwavering loyalty and commitment to Exline Inc. I assure you that your efforts will not go to waste and you will be rewarded for them in the future as well.


Marian Tolendo
Marketing Head
Exline Inc.
2702 Jordon Springs Road
Fort Campbell, KY 10293
Tel: (333) 333-3333

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