American Girl Sales Associate Job Description

Updated on: January 3, 2019

Sales associates working for American Girl must be able to connect with young girls. Since the company caters to young girls’ dreams of owning dolls of various ethnicities, it is quite popular.

Working as a sales associate for American Girl will require you to possess a wide array of skills. These would include greeting young customers and their families, inquiring into their doll buying requirements and providing suggestions.

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as an American Girl sales associate. However, previous experience in any sales capacity will go a long way in helping you bag the job.

While working at this position, you must be aware of the type of service that you can provide to girls of ages 8 to 11. Providing them with information on the type of dolls and accessories available is important. This will help them decide what to buy.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills will go a long way in making you a good person to work as an American Girl sales associate.

A list of American girl sales associate duties is provided below to help you build a resume or advertise a job:

American Girl Sales Associate Job Description

• Greet young customers as they arrive at the American Girl store.
• Politely and pleasantly inquire into choice of dolls and/or accessories.
• Direct customers to the right aisles or displays in order to help them locate their dolls.
• Escort customers to their choice of the aisle.
• Provide assistance in choosing or locating the right doll.
• Give additional info such as available accessories and clothes.
• Provide price and warranty information.
• Lead customers through the payment procedure.
• Assist in processing cash and credit card payments.
• Pack purchased dolls and accessories according to instructions.
• Wrap dolls and accessories in order to prepare them as gifts.
• Obtain and follow instructions to deliver purchases to customers’ cars.
• Respond to online orders.
• Pack and ship dolls and accessories to online customers.
• Ensure that bills and receipts are tendered to customers.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with backend staff in order to obtain items.
• Obtain and place dolls, dolls’ clothes, and accessories on assigned shelves.
• Ensure that shelves are properly maintained lest they give off a negative impression.
• Clean and dust shelves and displays.
• Provide store manager with information on low stock situations.
• Ensure that assigned store areas are kept clean.
• Assist marketing and sales store personnel in setting up displays.

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