Retail Sales Associate Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 19, 2021
Retail Sales Associate Job Description

The primary task of an individual working as a retail sales associate is to sell. These professionals work for many industries – from shoe stores to car dealers. They need to have ample knowledge of the company’s products, be sales oriented and customer service-focused.

A retail sales associate is usually the first employee to whom a customer meets when entering a store. They are expected to create and maintain a long-term relationship with the customers to achieve sales goals and positively represent the store while ensuring recurring business. They are also responsible for assisting customers with choices and help them locate them and provide information about the product in question.

In some establishments, a retail sales associate needs to operate a cash register once a sale has been made. The role of anyone working at this position does not end here because these professionals are also expected to manage inventory, order stock, and even stock shelves. Moreover, they price products and update shelves when a new product comes in or if the price of any item changes.

Retail sales associates work closely with customers which is why they need to be able to resolve their complaints satisfactorily. On a more detailed note, they provide customers with product knowledge concerning features and warranty along with any special discount or deal that the product holds.

They should maintain the visual appearance of the store by managing store displays and keep abreast of trends and competition.

Job Duties for Retail Sales Associate Resume

• Greeted customers and determined their needs and wants

• Discussed type, quality, and number of merchandise required for purchase

• Recommended merchandise based on individual requirements

• Advised customers on utilization and care of merchandise

• Provided advice to clients regarding particular products or services

• Explained the use and advantage of merchandise to customers

• Answered customers’ queries and concerns

• Demonstrated live working on items

• Quoted prices and discounts as well as credit terms, trade-in allowances, warranties, and delivery dates

• Prepared sales contracts and accepted payment through cash, cheque, and credit card

• Assisted in the display of merchandise

• Maintained sales records for inventory control