Overnight Sales Associate Job Description and Duties

Updated on: December 26, 2022
Position Overview

The work of a sales associate is not limited to the daytime. While customer rush is usually more focused in the morning hours, retail stores that cater to customers during the night need to hire the services of overnight sales associates to help them meet these needs.

There isn’t any difference between the job of a daytime sales associate and that of an overnight sales associate.

Overnight sales associates usually work in stores such as 7-Eleven, where their duties include greeting customers, providing them with product information, and handling stocking duties.

People working in this position need to be responsible, detail-oriented, and great at multitasking. Working during the night shift is extremely task-driven and requires a tremendous amount of physical labor.

There is a lot of cleaning to do to make the store ready for the next day and stocking duties are usually most extensive at this point.

Education and Skills

To be eligible to work as an overnight sales associate, one needs to possess a high school diploma at the very least, with some know-how in handling mathematical calculations and bookkeeping activities.

Customer service knowledge and the ability to handle complaints are also very important if you are working as an overnight sales associate.

Some common duties that you will be performing in this job include:

Sample Job Description for Overnight Sales Associate Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive and respond to their inquiries regarding products and services.

• Escort customers to the correct aisles and assist them in locating their choice of products from the shelves

• Provide customers with information on products such as price, weight, and expiry dates.

• Demonstrate product features and provide customers with information regarding warranty.

• Assist customers through the payment procedures by ringing their purchases.

• Take cash and process credit/debit cards against items sold.

• Pack customers’ purchases and assist them by delivering them to their vehicles.

• Arrange for customers’ purchases to be delivered to their homes.

• Forecast the need for items and liaison with vendors and suppliers to procure them.

• Stock delivered merchandise on shelves according to provided placement orders.

• Perform regular cleaning activities on floors, shelves, and counters.

• Ensure that the cash register is tallied at the end of each shift and that any discrepancies are sorted out immediately.

• Assist in designing and setting up advertising displays.

• Ensure the security of the store during nocturnal hours by ensuring that all security gadgets are in check.

• Create accounting reports of all transactions one during each night shift.