Sales Associate Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated January 31, 2021
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Sales Associate Job Description

The retail world cannot possibly revolve without the valuable input that sales associates provide. Working primarily in a retail setting, the role of a sales associate is pivotal.

Typically, sales associates are the first people customers interact with when they enter a retail setting.

They provide information regarding services and products and answer any preliminary questions that customers may have.

The primary task of a sales associate is to sell a company’s products by advocating its good points.

They are also responsible for ensuring that customers are aware of all the promotions that are going on at that particular time along with making sure that customers are led to their choice of product.

In large retail stores, new customers always become a tad confused as they do not know where to look for what they want. A sales associate must ensure that each customer is directed where they want to go. They may accompany customers to the correct aisle.

Sales Associate Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers with a smile as they enter into premises
• Proactively ask the customers how they can be assisted
• Provide customers with product information that they need
• Accompany and assist customers to the correct aisles
• Explain product features and warranty agreements
• Demonstrate the working of a product when required
• Provide information on daily deals and promotions
• Ensure that all products are well stocked and are easy to reach
• Assist customers by taking down products that may not be easy to reach
• Provide information regarding each product and any discount offers associated with it
• Make sure that work area and aisles are clean and shelves are dusted properly
• Respond to customers’ requests and concerns in a resourceful manner
• Handle cashier duties by taking cash or credit cards in exchange for goods sold
• Manage product returns and exchanges
• Ensure that all purchased items are delivered to the customers in a prompt manner
• Reserve products for online orders
• Discourage shoplifting activities by constantly keeping a vigilant eye
• Arrange products on shelves in a tidy manner
• Pick and pack orders for shipping purposes
• Order out of stock items promptly

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