Phone Skills for Resume

Updated on: January 3, 2019

Even when technology wasn’t as big as it is now, telephones were a big thing. With most work being performed through the phone nowadays, it is important to possess the right skills.

It does not matter which level of the hierarchy you are on.

As far as phone skills are concerned, you have to be a pro. It is important to realize that how you sound on the phone dictates how well you will be perceived by the person on the other end.

Whether you are working as a receptionist or a company director, your phone skills must be excellent.

For instance, you must know how to greet customers and help them with their queries. Moreover, the quality of your voice and the speed must be checked.

Remember that all these skills come with practice and experience. And all this information needs to be placed in your resume if you want to bag a job.

Making sure that your phone skills are properly highlighted in a resume is important.

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Here are some phone skills statements that you can use on your resume:

Phone Skills for Resume

• Ability to operate and maintain complex PABX systems.

• Competent in answering telephone calls in accordance with instructions.

• Effectively able to perform preset greetings.

• Proven ability to receive incoming telephone calls.

• Highly skilled in making outbound telephone calls in order to provide customers with information.

• Proficient in communicating information over the telephone.

• Adept at actively listening to customers in order to acquire information.

• Competent in answering telephones in a timely manner.

• Qualified to determine recipients, and direct calls to correct departments.

• Special talent for performing marketing activities over the telephone.

• Well-versed in taking and passing on messages to guests or employees.

• Hands-on experience in updating and maintaining automated answering service.

• In-depth knowledge of answering telephone calls in order to determine the nature of the call.

• Special talent for scheduling and confirming appointments over the telephone.

• Proven ability to contact customers regarding payments or account statuses.

• Excellent skills in making travel arrangements over the telephone, and following up on them.

• Competent in dealing with bookings by calling agencies and vendors.

• Proven record of answering 500 calls a day.

• Skilled in providing product and service information to clients over the telephone.

• Solid track record of communicating with customers and branch offices, in order to provide them with the required information on the telephone.

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