Wireless Sales Associate Job Description

Updated on: November 1, 2017

Position Overview

A wireless sales associate may work in a store or a field capacity, depending on his or her specific placement. Usually, he or she is expected to work in the former, where their main duty is to make sure that customers are properly serviced, and leave with a positive image of the company and store in their minds.

The work of a wireless sales associate is specifically to sell wireless technology and devices to customers, while upholding the image and reputation of the organization.

Position Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a wireless sales associate. If you have a degree in a technical field or sales, you may be considered a better choice to hire though. Working at this position means that you have to be on your toes all the time, actively seeking out customers in the store, and providing them with help in terms of information and demonstrations.

Since the work is somewhat technical, it is important for wireless sales associates to know all about the technology that they are selling, which means most are run through extensive training sessions.

If working as a wireless sales associate is what you want to do, you will need to possess exceptional sales acumen, great customer service skills, and deep knowledge of the technology that you are advocating. Here is a list of duties that you will be performing in this role:


Wireless Sales Associate Duties and Responsibilities


• Greet customers as they arrive at the store, and inquire into their wireless technology interests.

• Provide customers with information on available technology and equipment, and how it will help them reach their technological goals.

• Run customers through the store to provide them with information on displays and how wireless technology can help them with their work and entertainment goals.

• Demonstrate products to provide customers with information on features and benefits of wireless products.

• Respond to queries regarding features, extended benefits, and attributes of systems and equipment that customers show interest in.

• Provide customers with information on unit prices, and any levied discounts or deals on products that they are interested in.

• Lead customers through the payment system, and provide them with information on after sales services and warrantees.

• Ascertain that all store displays, specifically the interactive ones, are properly placed and safely cordoned off.

• Attend to customers’ complaints regarding purchased items, and ascertain that complaints are addressed while remaining within the parameters of company limitations and protocols.