7 Registered Nurse Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 6, 2023
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A registered nurse resume is not considered good if it does not hold information about the applicant’s achievements.

That being said, if you write a resume without achievements, you may not be considered a top candidate.


For the simple reason that employers like to know what you have done in the past that made a positive effect on the facility that you were working for.

And they need to know this so that they can look forward to you doing the same for their organization.

Fortunately, writing achievement is no big deal.

If you get stuck in determining what your achievements have been in the past, you can always look back and reflect on what you did that had favorable outcomes.

Tip: Do not mix up achievements and job duties.

So how would a registered nurse make her achievements obvious in her resume?

View the sample statements below:

Sample Achievements for Registered Nurse Resume

  1. Developed and implemented a series of dedicated care plans, which assisted patients with rehabilitation and psychological help.
  2. Selected as one of the 5 student nurses to be inducted into a laboratory training program, as part of a rigorous selection process.
  3. Simultaneously treated 6 victims of the same accident – all of them being discharged at the end of the day, owing to the implementation of aggressive and well-thought-out nursing care procedures.
  4. Reined in a surgical procedure during the time that the surgeon had a temporary blinding spell, by making sure that the patient was handled properly and no blood loss was imminent.
  5. Offered training in neonatal intensive care and cardiac care units owing to exceptionally well-placed work duties as an emergency nurse in both areas.
  6. Suggested a separate emergency care unit for patients with chronic illnesses such as Lupus, MS, and Fibromyalgia and achieved a 50% increase in medical care response.
  7. Diagnosed a patient with bowel cancer (post-emergency staff sending him off after treating him for gastroenteritis) by recognizing the symptoms and ordering immediate tests.